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M. Blair

M. Wayne Blair, Esq.

Case Manager
Michele Wilson
T: 206-292-0457
F: 206-292-9082
1420 Fifth Ave., Suite 1650, Seattle, WA 98101


Wayne Blair, Esq. has served as an arbitrator in a wide variety of cases, for over 20 years. His expertise was acknowledged by the legal community in 2006, when he was recognized as a "Top Business Lawyer" in the Arbitration Category by Seattle Business Monthly. He is extremely well-versed in many areas of the law and has experience with cases in commercial, construction, consumer, employment, environmental, insurance, and real property disputes. His extensive legal practice involved matters relating to real property and business/commercial.

Representative Arbitrations

  • Commercial
    • Dispute between two physicians separating their respective medical practices
    • Various Breach of Contract disputes, involving major wireless communications companies, with claims as high as $2 Million
    • Partnership dispute between a major Shipping company and an individual
    • Breach of Contract agreement two leading telecommunications companies
    • Securities dispute between a family trust and a national money management firm, involving Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Fraud and negligent misrepresentation of investments
    • Breach of Contract dispute, involving a pharmaceutical company
    • Dispute between seller and buyer of business for failure to make adequate disclosures and for breach of warranties
    • Dispute between Port and developer over terms of development and adequacy of performance
    • Commercial dispute between owner of hotel and management company over termination of long-term management agreement
    • Dispute involving laundry services, two cases
    • Commercial dispute involving rental of heavy equipment, two cases
    • Dispute involving both commercial and construction claims regarding the interpretation of a commercial lease and the remodeling of a professional office building
    • Commercial and construction dispute involving issues of “piercing the corporate veil” and adequacy of performance on small commercial construction project
    • Dispute between manufacturer and dealer of woodstoves
    • Dispute between international manufacturer of commercial valves and United States exclusive dealer
    • Dispute between manufacturer of water-cutting devices and purchaser (user)
    • Dispute between manufacturer of copier machines and dealer
    • Commercial dispute between manufacturer of large transformers and utility company involving claims of defective transformer and delay
    • Dispute between manufacturer of audio equipment and dealer over claims of defective product
    • Commercial dispute involving the provider and recipient of advertising services over terms of agreement
    • Commercial dispute between international seafood provider and local dealer over terms of commercial agreement
    • Dispute between international manufacturer of furniture and national dealer over defective furniture
    • Commercial dispute between provider of natural gas at the well-head and public utility over the fair-market price of natural gas for a term of four years. Served as the neutral arbitrator in two such cases
    • Dispute between utility company and co-generator of electricity over interpretation of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission regulations and obligation of utility company to purchase electrical power from the co-generator
    • Commercial dispute between dealer of custom cedar homes and purchaser
    • Commercial dispute between the seller of a restaurant and the purchaser of a restaurant over the terms of the purchase and sale agreement
    • Commercial dispute between seller and buyer of locomotive reconstruction center over the terms of the purchase and sale agreement
    • Numerous cases between buyer and seller of business (both stock and asset sales) over terms of purchase and sale agreement
    • Dispute between co-owners of jewelry store over its fair value under mandatory buy-out provisions
  • Construction
    • Dispute between owner of church and contractor over construction of an energy management system. Claims involved delay, defective design and construction, and breach of performance guarantees
    • Commercial construction dispute between general contractor and subcontractor over terms of construction subcontract
    • Many cases involving a dispute between homeowner and general contractor over defective construction of private residence and delay claims
    • Dispute between homeowner and contractor over proper method of determining construction cost in a cost-plus contract
    • Numerous cases involving a construction dispute between owner and general contractor, or between general contractor and subcontractor or between general contractor and vendor in commercial projects and residential projects over construction defects, defects in materials and/or delay
    • Dispute involving the owner of a jet airplane and the contractor providing interior furnishings
    • Construction dispute between owner of multi-residential community and contractor building and providing fire/safety alarm services
    • Dispute between manufacturer of garage doors and general contractor regarding adequacy of manufacturer’s work
    • Hospital construction dispute between owner and contractor
    • Road construction dispute between property developer and road contractor involving claims of defective work and delay
    • Construction and engineering dispute between power company and hydroelectric contractor over construction defects and delay claims. Several hearings over several years
    • Dispute between developer of condominium and general contractor over claims of construction defects and delay
    • Dispute between county, as owner of correction facility, and general contractor over claims of changed conditions, costs overruns, and delay
    • Dispute between county, as owner of correction facility, and general contractor over construction defects
  • Consumer
    • Three cases involving a dispute between students and commercial colleges over adequacy of education, misrepresentation of course work, accreditation and job opportunities following graduation
    • Several disputes between consumers and commercial service providers over terms of services and adequacy of service provided
  • Employment
    • Dispute between two commercial entities involving employment matters
    • Dispute between principal of high school and school district over discipline of principal
  • Environmental
    • Dispute between owner of contaminated land and company engaged to remediate it
    • Dispute between former owner and present owner of commercial real property
    • Dispute between truck manufacturer and environmental firm over adequacy of remediation
  • Insurance (not coverage issues)
    • Insurance dispute between insured and her insurance company over amount of property damage
    • Insurance dispute among three insurance carriers over which carrier is primarily responsible for paying damages to commercial structure destroyed by fire
  • Miscellaneous
    • Dispute between sewer district and engineering firm involving claims of engineering malpractice
    • Professional services dispute between homeowner and architect over design of new home
    • Dispute between physician and clinic over professional services and his termination as an equity partner
  • Real Property
    • Real property dispute between homeowner and real estate agent involving claims of deceptive acts and practices by agent in sale of property
    • Commercial dispute between landowner and commercial tenant over the terms of a commercial lease involving a “requirements contract” for sale and delivery of rock, sand, and gravel and the sharing of proceeds on the sale of such products
    • Real property dispute between seller and purchaser of residential property over failure of transaction to close and entitlement to earnest money deposit
    • Real property dispute between subdivision land owners and property developer over the terms of a commercial well and water rights agreement
    • Real Property dispute between developer of condominium and purchaser of a unit relating to the homeowner’s association and right to rent units
    • Numerous cases between buyer and seller of commercial real property over terms of purchase and sale agreement
  • Super Lawyer in ADR, Business/Corporate, or Real Estate category, Washington Law & Politics Magazine, 1999-2009 (Top 100 lawyers for five years)
  • Norm Maleng Leadership Award, the Washington State Bar Association and Access to Justice Board, 2008
  • Top Business Lawyer, Seattle Business Monthly, Arbitration Category, 2006
  • Top Lawyer, Seattle Magazine, ADR category 2005, Business Category 2001
  • Lifetime Service Award, Washington State Bar Association, 2004
  • On U.S. District Court, Western District, Rule 39.1 panel of mediators and arbitrators
  • Founding member of Alternative Dispute Resolution Section within the Washington State Bar Association, 1989; served as the first chair-elect of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section, 1990-1991
  • Past president, Washington State Bar Association and King County Bar Association
  • Author, “Mandatory Arbitration in Washington,” Chapter 2 of Alternative Dispute Resolution Deskbook, published by the Washington State Bar Association, First Edition 1989, Second Edition 1995
  • Author of numerous articles and speaker at many seminars on arbitration, and published numerous articles relating to the legal profession
  • JAMS "Remedies in Arbitration" Training, 2009
  • JAMS Mediation and Arbitration training, 2006
  • JAMS Special Master/Discovery Referee training, 2006
  • Member, Montgomery, Purdue, Blankinship & Austin, Seattle, WA, 1972-2007
  • Member, AAA panel of arbitrators and its Large Complex Case Panel, 1985-2005
  • Captain and Judge Advocate, USAF, 1968-1972
  • J.D., University of Washington, 1968
  • B.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Washington, 1965




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