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Through the Lens: Focus on Ann Marshall

Advancing through adversity with a hard working and multifaceted approach

Ann Marshall brings over 25 years of legal experience to the table, beginning with her tenure as a hard-working criminal defense attorney. Ms. Marshall eventually became a partner at the boutique Seattle-based law firm Bishop & Lynch, P.S., before ascending to the role of managing partner at the distinguished California law firm Anglin Flewelling Rasmussen Campbell & Trytten, LLP. Her experience encompasses a vast spectrum of civil litigation, including real estate, financial, insurance and bankruptcy disputes.

In 2012, Ms. Marshall enhanced her skill set by completing mediation training at the esteemed Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University School of Law, seamlessly integrating mediation into her legal practice. By 2020, she joined JAMS, dedicating her practice entirely to dispute resolution.

In mediation, Ms. Marshall views herself as donning several hats, skillfully embodying the roles of fact detective, legal analyst and negotiator. She often engages in cases where parties begin very far apart, but she excels in guiding these parties from entrenched positions toward common ground.

"Lots of times, cases start with the parties wildly far apart. What I do is I just get to work."

Ms. Marshall’s can-do attitude illustrates her commitment to rolling up her sleeves and delving into the heart of disputes.

Persistence and curiosity drive her process, qualities that enable Ms. Marshall to wade through the frequent rejections intrinsic to the negotiation process. To Ms. Marshall, the words "no" and "never" are starting points for deeper conversations to uncover underlying issues and potential compromises.

Ms. Marshall's exceptional communication skills enable her to understand each party’s needs and convey their perspectives accurately. She takes the responsibility of understanding and articulating each side's stance very seriously; it’s the cornerstone of her success in mediation.

Learn more about Ms. Marshall’s ADR style and experience in this informative video:

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