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Viggo Boserup, Esq., CEDS*

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Viggo Boserup, Esq. has more than 20 years of experience resolving thousands of personal injury cases, earning a stellar reputation and deep level of trust among plaintiff, defense and insurance counsel.

Having handled claims involving premises liability, vehicular injury, construction site, product liability, and other personal injury issues, Mr. Boserup is able to drill down quickly on what matters most to the parties involved in a case and guide them toward settlement.

His extensive experience and deep understanding of medical and insurance issues make Mr. Boserup ideal for resolving timely and efficiently even the most contentious disputes.

Representative Matters

  • Automotive (More Than 500 Cases)
    • Auto/pedestrian accident involving elderly lady
    • Motorcycle/auto accident
    • Auto versus stalled truck, resulting explosion
    • Auto versus truck, severed ligaments/nerve damage
    • Leg, chest, and other injuries from failure to yield right-of-way to motorcyclist
    • Unsafe lane change forcing driver off road
    • Auto accident claimed to have caused multiple sclerosis
    • Auto accident, brain damage, and other injuries
    • High-speed, head-on collision
    • Injuries sustained by truck wheel flying into oncoming traffic
    • Hundreds of rear-end collisions
  • Construction
    • Construction worker injured by falling crane
    • Burn victims of exploding electric fuses at industrial plant
    • Brain Damaged victim of crane/truck accident
    • Construction site accident during demolition
    • Construction worker injured, multiple violations of OSHA regulations
    • Loading dock worker injured by forklift and roll-down door
    • Motorcyclist injured in construction zone
    • Injuries sustained at construction site explosion at petroleum tank farm
    • Serious injuries-fall from defective scaffolding
    • Worker injured on building scaffolding
    • Falling forklift paralyzes worker
  • Premises Liability
    • Brain damaged victim as a result of beating in retail establishment
    • Slip and fall in service bay of gas station
    • Sexual assault by security officer
    • Customer injured at shooting in restaurant/night club
    • Failure to administer appropriate medical treatment in convalescent home
    • Waiter injured by falling prop platform stage wall
    • Slip and fall on rain mats at entrance to apartment building/marble floor
    • Camper mauled by bear
    • Claim by shoppers against retailer for false imprisonment, assault
    • Propane tank explosion at baseball field, multiple burn victims
    • Slip and fall in restaurant due to poor lighting
    • Brain damage in utero caused by placental abruption when mother fell off airline stairway
    • Injuries sustained by student on school premises
    • Child injured by treadmill, third degree burns
    • Slip and fall in dark restaurant
    • Lack of hotel security, guest stabbed
    • Refinery explosion, death, and other critical injuries
    • Injuries sustained by blown plug from refinery fan header bank
    • Chest, facial, and nerve damage in front end collision
    • Injuries sustained from public utility lines’ failure to ground
    • Injuries sustained from falling pipe in poorly constructed apartment
    • Severe head and neck injuries to older truck driver from rear-end collision
    • Pedestrian vs. motor vehicle, serious hip/leg injuries
    • Injuries sustained by exposure to sulfuric acid left in boiler
    • Serious injuries to face and mouth falling off school slide
    • Crushing injuries to both hands while operating lathe
    • Head trauma after falling backwards off school slide
    • Blind man injured at airport security checkpoint
    • Disfiguring burns from die-casting machine
    • Power punch press severs finger and injures hand
    • High-speed head-on motor vehicle injury, major injuries
    • Four-year-old child injured falling from the playground equipment
    • Paraplegic injured in catastrophic truck v. auto accident
    • Injuries sustained in roll-over accident-road rage
    • Severe injuries sustained by electrician when ladder slipped
    • Injuries sustained disembarking boat
    • Seriously injured claimants in roll-over collision avoiding oncoming traffic
    • Knee injury caused to vehicle owner by the repossession company
    • Negligent supervision of children at play in commercial gymnasium
    • Paraplegic allegedly in “Course and Scope” for landlord v. civil action
    • Amusement park operator, amputation resulting from unguarded ride machinery
    • Roll over injuries caused by defective door mechanism/lock, quadriplegic
    • Passenger injuries from commuter train and freight train collision
    • Child abuse by camp counselor
    • Injuries sustained in fight during soccer match
    • Multiple fractures/internal injuries in car rear ended by one semi truck into another
    • Slip and fall in gas station parking lot; broken wrist and knee
    • Head on collision caused by left turning vehicle-lower back injuries
    • Slip and fall in retail store; pre-existing injuries and prior slip and fall claims
    • Child with severed arm allegedly caused by defective car seat
    • Alleged dangerous condition in construction zone; multiple surgeries
    • Slip and fall in elevator-cervical spine injuries
    • Soccer camp participant injured by extended upright sprinkler head
    • Cervical fusions and other injuries sustained as passenger in taxicab roll over
    • Injuries sustained by construction worker falling through unguarded hole
    • Hotel guest inhales bug spray in room damaging throat and lung tissue
    • Pilot error-preflight inspection left rudder lock engaged, paraplegia and burns
  • Product Liability
    • Construction site burn victim using asphalt spreader
    • Faulty tank liners, property damage, and lost profits claim
    • Auto gas tank explosion upon rear-end impact
    • Pressure relief valve malfunction causing gas storage tank explosion
    • Chemical in circuit board causing out gassing
    • Airbag malfunction, failure to warn/inadequate warning
    • Faulty design of construction equipment, inadequate warning
    • Defective lumber damaging furniture manufacturer
    • Inadequate warning on paint compressor, carbon monoxide death
    • Defective playpen, strangulation death of infant
    • Exploding lubricant, failure to warn, third-degree burns
    • Exploding boiler, negligent design, failure to warn, business interruption
    • Negligent design, failure to warn, skip-loader
    • Defective design for failure to specify run-flat technology
    • Injuries to longshoreman by alleged defective design of yard tractor
    • Aerosol can explosion near barbecue
    • Defective design, failure to warn of box manufacturing machine
    • Closed head injury caused by defective gas spring in auto trunk
    • Stroke allegedly caused by herbal products
    • Defective hardware used in hip replacement
    • Hand injuries caused by lack of safety gates on plastic molding machinery
    • Hand injuries caused by lack of protection on start switch on lathe
    • Injuries sustained by infant with fingers caught in treadmill
    • Burns and other injuries from exploding chemicals in dye plant
    • Injuries sustained from wheel chair, failure to warn, negligent design
    • Power saw guard malfunction, lacerations of fingers
    • Failure of drug pump catheter leading to additional pain and suffering
    • Alleged defect in nail gun causing eye injury
    • Failure of seat belts and airbag in parked car in head-on collision
    • Roll over of SUV allegedly caused by tire detreading
    • Rollover in SUV, arm amputated when unlaminated passenger window broke
    • Improper installation of brakes resulting in serious personal injuries
    • Death case allegedly caused by initial unlatching of seat belt in SUV rollover
    • Rollover resulting in crushed roof on passenger cab of truck, quadriplegia
    • Defective transmission design causing loss of control of boat resulting in crash and leg amputation
Completed Virtual ADR training conducted by the JAMS Institute, the training arm of JAMS. 

  • Certifications
    • Certified Electronic Discovery Specialist, Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists
  • Honors
    • Recognized as a Best Lawyer, Alternative Dispute Resolution Category, Best Lawyers in America, 2009-2014
    • California Top Neutral, Daily Journal, 2013
    • Recognized as one of the top 50 mediators in the state of California, Daily Journal, 2004
  • Memberships
    • Diplomat Member, California Academy of Distinguished Neutrals
    • Member, California State Bar, Los Angeles County Bar Association, and Lawyers-Pilots Bar
  • Professional Activities
    • Instrument rated licensed private pilot
    • A native of Denmark and fluent in both Danish and English, Mr. Boserup has taught mediation to hundreds of lawyers, judges, students, teachers, and mental health professionals in both the United States and Europe
    • Authored articles in both domestic and international publications on the benefits of mediation for attorneys and clients alike
  • ADR Profiles
  • Full-Time, Mediator in Private Practice, 1992-present
  • Private Law Practice, 1970-1992
  • J.D., Hastings College of the Law, 1969
  • B.S., Princeton University, 1966



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