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Below you’ll see just a few members of our experienced case management team who can help.

Whether it’s ease and efficiency in scheduling, determining which ADR process benefits your situation or selecting the perfect neutral for your case, JAMS case managers are highly skilled and are here to help you. They partner with JAMS mediators and arbitrators to deliver the highest-quality dispute resolution experience.

Northern California

Heather Muirhead | Business Manager
P. 925-975-5795

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Southern California

Lisa Abrantes | Business Manager
P. 619-237-0801

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Northern California

Sandra Chan | ADR Consultant
P. 415-774-2611

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Southern California

Reggie Joseph | Assistant Manager
P. 213-253-9704

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JAMS successfully resolves business and legal disputes by providing efficient, cost-effective and impartial ways of overcoming barriers at any stage of conflict. JAMS offers customized, in-person, virtual and hybrid dispute resolution services through a combination of first class client service, the latest technology, top-notch facilities, and highly trained mediators and arbitrators. 


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