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Eleni Charalambidou

Weinstein JAMS International Fellow


Eleni Charalambidou is the founder/CEO of EnConsensus Solutions, an ADR company providing mediation, negotiation and dispute resolution services in Cyprus and abroad. An accredited mediator, Ms. Charalambidou also mediates in collaboration with the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and serves as a trainer for the Athens Mediation Training Institute and ADR Center Global.

The Weinstein JAMS International Fellowship Program provides opportunities for qualified individuals from outside the United States who have demonstrated experience in and a commitment to the field of ADR to study dispute resolution processes and practices in the United States, which assist them in increasing the availability of dispute resolution education, training and services in their own countries and beyond. The Fellowship Program is designed to be flexible and open to innovation. Fellowships may last between one and four months. More information can be found at