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Global Engineering and Construction Newsletters

JAMS Global Engineering and Construction Newsletters

Summer 2016
Feature Articles: "Q&A with Linda Turteltaub, Skanska USA Building;" "A Different Approach to Impasse;" "Cornerstone Award Thank You;" "ADR in Construction Matters under the Regime of German Law"
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Spring 2016
Feature Articles: "Spearin Lite? The Limited Implied Warranty in a Construction Management at Risk Project;" "Arbitrators Confronting Corruption;" "Effective Arbitration Management: Addressing Damages Early"
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Fall 2015
Feature Articles: "Reflections from the ADR Summit;" "Before You Arbitrate Your Construction Case, Test It!;" "Four Tips for Successful Construction Mediation" 
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Summer 2015
Feature Articles: "Construction Lawyering in the U.K. and U.S.: Contrasts and Similarities;" "Dealing with Disputes in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games;" "A Primer on Dispute Resolution Boards;" "Construction Arbitration: Geography Lessons"
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Spring 2015
Feature Articles: "The 39 Steps: Is Your ADR Clause as Frightening as an Alfred Hitchcock Thriller?;" "Settle Now, Argue Later: Expedited Construction Adjudication Is Coming to North America;" "How to Reduce the Peril of "Double Jeopardy" by Consolidation, Joinder and Appellate Arbitration"
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Fall 2014
Feature Articles: "Can the Cost of International Arbitration Be Controlled?" "Sealing the Deal: Critical Issues in the Preparation of Mediated Settlement Agreements;" "Mediation Decision-Makers Need 'Decision-Quality Information' "
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Spring 2014
Feature Articles: "Timing is Everything: Balance Risk and Opportunity to Decide when to Mediate;" "Critical Issues for Parties to Consider when Selecting an Arbitrator;" "Obtaining Testimony and Documents from Non-Parties in Arbitration"
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Winter 2014
Feature Articles: "Using Attorneys' Fees to Promote a Better Result;" "Using Affidavits in Lieu of Viva Voce Evidence at an Arbitration;" "The Evolution of Expert Witness Law under U.K. and U.S. Jurisdiction;" "ConsensusDocs Lists JAMS as One of Two Named Arbitration Providers"
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Fall 2013
Feature Articles: "Q&A with the JAMS Global Engineering and Construction Group," "Engineering Mediations for Success," "Who's in Charge of this Arbitration Anyway?"
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Spring 2013
Feature Articles: "An Arbitrator's Guide to Successfully Resolving eDiscovery Disputes;" "ADR Sanctions;" "Ethics in International Arbitration;" "The 2012 International Arbitration Survey"
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Winter 2013
Feature Articles: "Using Integrated Project Delivery to Avoid Construction Conflict and Disputes;" "Admissibility of Nonbinding Written Dispute Board Recommendations;" "Be an Expert with Experts"
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Fall 2012
Feature Articles: "Construction Mediation: Pick a Mediator with Experience in Dealing with Construction Industry Participants' Differences in OutlookCritical Qualifications for Construction Industry Arbitrators;" "Confidentiality in the Arbitration of Construction Disputes;" "So Far Away from Home, It's No Longer an American Tune: Fee Shifting in Construction Disputes;" "Expedited Arbitration Rules" 
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Spring 2012
Feature Articles: "Must Arbitrators Follow The Law?;" "Critical Qualifications for Construction Industry Arbitrators;" "Assessing the Risks of the Use of Interim and Partial Final Awards;" "Book Review: International Construction Arbitration Handbook;" "The Advantages of a "Civil" Approach to Arbitration in Quebec;" "JAMS Opens New Resolution Centers in Toronto and Miami"
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Winter 2012
Feature Articles: "Caught between Arbitrators and the Courts: Interim Measures in U.S. International Arbitration;" "Muscular Arbitration;" "Med-Arb: Why Not?;" "If a Frog had Wings: Expectations and Realities of Construction Dispute Resolution"
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Fall 2011
Feature Articles: "Costs in International Construction Arbitration;" "JAMS Goes International - and U.K. Adjudication Comes to the U.S. and JAMS;" "The Collaborative Settlement Process and Its Application in Construction Disputes;" "JAMS International Arrives in Europe;" "Dispute Resolution: Reasons for Construction Disputes"
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Spring 2011
Feature Articles: "Don't Count Courts Out - A View from the Bench;" "Appellate Arbitration: The Wave of the Future;" "How Neutrals Can Provide Early Case Management of Construction Disputes;" "Evaluative Mediation;" "Navigating Through a Construction Project: "California Construction Law"
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Winter 2011
Feature Articles: "Success in Claim Resolution and Mediation: The Insurance Component;" "The Future of Construction Arbitration;" "Good Faith in the Negotiation, Performance and Enforcement of Construction Contracts;" "Arbitration & Settlement;" "ADR in Federal Contract Disputes: What Law Applies,"
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Fall 2010
Feature Articles: "JAMS GEC Offers Rapid Resolution ADR Training;" "Why Construction Mediations Fail: Two Views;" "JAMS Expands in Atlanta and Minneapolis;" "Reviewing Dispute Review Boards;" "Assisted Solutions by Neutrals to Common Project Challenges;" "GEC Neutrals Resolve an Array of Construction Disputes;" "The European Mediation Directive"
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JAMS Global Construction Solutions
Spring 2010
Feature Articles: "JAMS GEC Group Celebrates its Second Anniversary;" "Cultural Sensitivities in International Construction Arbitration;" "ADR and the Reluctant Surety;" "Designing a Cost-Effective Construction Arbitration;" "GEC Neutrals Resolve an Array of Construction Disputes"
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Winter 2010
Feature Articles: "JAMS Issues Recommended Arbitration Discovery Protocols;" "Judging the 'Vanishing Trial' in the Construction Industry;" "Arbitration: The Choice is Yours;" "In With the Initial Decision Maker"
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Summer 2009
Feature Articles: "Reshaping ADR Strategies for Today's Global Engineering and Construction Market;" "Two ADR Approaches Under the JAMS ‘Rapid Resolution' Umbrella;" "Dubai: Changing the Face of Arbitration in the Middle East?"
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Spring 2009
Feature Articles: "JAMS 'Rapid Resolution' Process;" "An Arbitrator's Tips on Experts to Avoid;" "Why is an Expert's Evolving Role Important in the Construction Arbitration Process?" "Green Building: New Benefits for Society, New Challenges in Risk Management;" "Is Adjudication the Holy Grail?"
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Winter 2008
Feature Articles: "The Financial Crisis, the Risk of Litigation, and the Value of ADR;" "The Paper Trail;" "Electronic Discovery Issues in Construction Arbitrations;" "Identifying the Best ADR Methods for Global Construction Disputes"
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Fall 2008
Feature Articles: "JAMS' Vision for Construction ADR;" "Selecting Qualified Arbitrators is the Key to Success in International Construction Cases;" "Tips on Educating Your Clients About Project Neutrals;" "Efficient Case Management Makes the Difference;" "Adjudication as a Method of Resolving Construction Disputes"
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