Jerry Grissom

Jerry Grissom, Esq.

JAMS Mediator and Arbitrator

Case Manager
Judy Stephenson
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Jerry Grissom has extensive experience with and proficiency for resolving a wide range of employment issues in mediation and arbitration. His overall understanding of employment issues, grasp of the emotionally sensitive and sometimes difficult topics that are often a part of employment cases, and appreciation for the significance of the employment relationship to both the employee and the employer, collectively enable Mr. Grissom to credibly and effectively resolve employment disputes through mediation and arbitration.

Mr. Grissom has served on the JAMS National Panel of Neutrals for Employment Cases, and as an Administrative Law Judge for employment cases. He has also mediated cases referred for early mediation by the EEOC in its early ADR initiative. He is a volunteer ombudsman/mediator for the Employer Support for Reserve and Guard program to assist both service members and their employers by facilitating early resolution of USERRA claims.


Mr. Grissom has mediated and arbitrated the resolution of hundreds of disputes in 20 states, in a broad range of subjects, size, and complexity. He brings to each case the know-how for resolving disputes acquired from 12 years of experience as a full-time neutral and 20 years of business and tort litigation practice with a respected Dallas law firm. A tenacious but gracious advocate for settlement, he is recognized as a “go to” mediator for the difficult case. Fair and independent, Mr. Grissom is frequently selected as sole arbitrator and on arbitration panels as member and chair. Parties and counsel alike have expressed high levels of satisfaction with his capable management of ADR proceedings.

Mindful of how important each case is for the parties, Mr. Grissom conducts proceedings with the same sense of balance, efficiency, fairness, and respect that he would expect if he were a party or a lawyer in the case.

Mr. Grissom is an elected Fellow of the College of Commercial Arbitrators and a member of CPR’s Distinguished Panel of Neutrals.

Representative Matters

  • Covenant Not to Compete
    • Dispute involving former employee’s alleged misappropriation of trade secrets and breach of covenant not to compete
    • Dispute involving alleged misappropriation of trade secrets and customer list by departing executive officers of computer services business who started up their own competing company in alleged violation of covenants not to compete, contact customers, or use confidential information and trade secrets
    • Claim by national provider of professional medical services against former employee / physician who left to work for a competitor and allegedly took trade secrets, intellectual property, and proprietary information, research, and customer lists with him, for damages and injunctive relief
    • See also Theft of Trade Secrets cases below
  • Defamation
    • Claim by terminated employee of multinational corporation alleging that evaluation and stated basis for separation from service was untrue and discouraged other company divisions and future employers from hiring him on future projects
  • Discrimination / Retaliation
    • Employee’s ADA claim for wrongful termination and failure to reasonably accommodate arising from alleged mental disability based on psychiatric diagnosis
    • ADA claim by terminated employee of insurance company for failure to make reasonable accommodations for physical disabilities
    • Senior employee / group manager of healthcare products manufacturer claimed constructive discharge, retaliation, wrongful termination arising from age discrimination, and FMLA violations, when he was terminated just before returning to work after hospitalization and recovery from heart attack
    • Group manager of software development company claimed retaliation and wrongful termination as a result of his reporting alleged racial discrimination by his supervisor against another employee in his group
    • Age discrimination / retaliation claim by experienced equipment assembler terminated in reduction in force
    • Racial discrimination and retaliation claim by terminated department manager
    • Gender discrimination claim by terminated female sales team leader
    • National origin and age discrimination claim by terminated engineer of electronics manufacturer
    • Pregnancy / gender discrimination claim by employee who returned early from pregnancy leave at employer’s request and was allegedly terminated for disputed limitations in working ability and requested accommodations arising from post pregnancy complications
    • Racial discrimination / retaliation claim by terminated employee of mortgage company
    • Claim of discrimination based on religion brought by terminated employee welder for alleged disparate treatment and termination arising from religious beliefs and use of religious literature on work breaks
    • Class action claim for racial discrimination in employment against national insurance company; mediated amounts of settlement for numerous individual claims within class
    • Class action claims for racial discrimination in providing government loans and benefits: arbitrated 700+ individual claims after class certification and court approved procedure agreed to by the parties for adjudicating individual claims by arbitration
  • Executive Compensation / Breach of Contract
    • Dispute involving claim by CEO of a Fortune 500 subsidiary to recover severance package in employment agreement where circumstances of termination and conditions for invoking right to severance benefits were disputed
    • Executive who had earned previously awarded company stock options and was denied the right to exercise them when he departed voluntarily for a position at another company claimed right to recover and exercise options at price on day of attempted exercise
    • Dispute on whether change in control provision in management incentive bonus plan was triggered; executive at startup company claimed entitlement to recover management incentive bonus due on transaction that he claimed resulted in change of control
  • False Claims Act/Retaliation
    • Employee claim that government contractor supporting military retaliated against her for reporting conditions that she believed actionable under False Claims Act
  • FMLA
    • Claim by terminated long term employee for alleged FMLA violations
  • Non-Subscriber Employer / Injury Claims
    • Employee alleged slip and fall injury at work arising from dangerous condition, resulting in extensive medical care and treatment, surgery, expenses, lost wages, disability, and pain and suffering
  • Sales Commissions
    • Claim on employment contract by regional vice president of sales against employer for past and future commissions from “book of business” of customers he brought with him when he was recruited, arising from termination within months of his hiring
  • Sexual Harassment / Hostile Environment
    • Claim by female office manager of business for harassment and stalking by company vice-president
    • Nursing care manager’s retaliation claim against retirement home for sexual harassment & retaliation by her supervisor, alleging she was terminated after refusing his advances
  • Theft of Trade Secrets
    • Claim by potential seller of private multi-million dollar advertising business against potential buyer for breach of confidentiality agreement and theft of trade secrets and lost profits after buyer did not close buy/sell agreement and set up competing business on same model with key employees of the potential seller
    • Claim by manufacturer of chemical products against new company that sold product with identical chemical formula designed by former employee of original manufacturer, for theft of trade secrets and lost profits on long term product with history of high sales
  • Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act
    • Claim by terminated employee for alleged violation of USERRA when terminated while called up for active duty by reserves
  • Wrongful Termination
    • Professional employee CPA’s Sabine Pilot claim of wrongful termination for refusing to prepare reports which allegedly exposed the employee to potential criminal prosecution and for intentional infliction of emotional distress
    • Numerous disputes arising from termination or suspension for absenteeism, dishonesty, drug use, physical violence, and sexual harassment
Completed Virtual ADR training conducted by the JAMS Institute, the training arm of JAMS. 

  • Elected Fellow, College of Commercial Arbitrators; Texas Board of Law Examiners; Fellow, Texas & Dallas Bar Foundations; Chair, Dallas Bar Committees; Adjunct faculty, SMU Law School; Mentor, UNT Dallas College of Law; Board of Directors, KERA Channel13 (PBS)
  • Trial Lawyer, Thompson & Knight, 1977-1997
  • J.D., with honors, Harvard Law School, 1976
  • B.A., with highest honors, Baylor University, 1973




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