Jerry Grissom

Jerry Grissom, Esq.

JAMS Mediator and Arbitrator

Case Manager
Judy Stephenson
T: 214-891-4523
F: 214-720-6010
8401 N. Central Expressway, Suite 610, Dallas, TX 75225


As a full-time JAMS mediator and arbitrator for over 12 years, Jerry Grissom is recognized for his proficiency in resolving a wide array of substantive, complex insurance disputes. Mr. Grissom's extensive experience and expertise with such issues enable him to credibly and effectively resolve insurance disputes through mediation and arbitration.

Before joining JAMS, Jerry Grissom counseled and represented both policyholders and insurance companies for twenty years in trial practice with a respected firm. His practice encompassed a wide variety of insurance-related matters, including coverage, claims and valuation, priority of coverage, as well as non-insurance contractual indemnity, in both the claims and litigation stages. He chaired the insurance practice group for his law firm's trial department.

Mr. Grissom has experience addressing hundreds of disputes, both individual and class action, arising from standard and manuscript insurance policies, both first-party and third-party liability, including:

  • Auto
  • Aviation
  • Builders risk
  • Business interruption
  • Collateral protection
  • Commercial lines
  • Directors and officers liability
  • Disability
  • Errors and omissions
  • Excess insurance
  • Health
  • Homeowner
  • Life and accident
  • Manuscript policies
  • Marine and inland marine
  • Personal lines
  • Professional liability
  • Reinsurance
  • Secured value
  • Umbrella
  • Workers compensation

Mr. Grissom also has substantial experience in resolving disputes arising on the business side of insurance, involving relationships among and between insurance companies and insurance professionals. These included lawsuits between insurance carriers, MGA's brokers, agents, consultants, third party administrators, and claims adjusters on contract, agency, fraud, and regulatory and statutory claims.

Mr. Grissom has mediated and arbitrated the resolution of hundreds of disputes in 20 states, in a broad range of subjects, size, and complexity. He brings to each case the know-how for resolving disputes acquired from 12 years of experience as a full-time neutral and 20 years of business and tort litigation practice with a respected Dallas law firm. A tenacious but gracious advocate for settlement, he is recognized as a “go to” mediator for the difficult case. Fair and independent, Mr. Grissom is frequently selected as sole arbitrator and on arbitration panels as member and chair. Parties and counsel alike have expressed high levels of satisfaction with his capable management of ADR proceedings.

Mr. Grissom is an elected Fellow of the College of Commercial Arbitrators and a member of CPR’s Distinguished Panel of Neutrals.

Representative Matters

    Class actions
    • Class action by Texas policyholders against automobile liability and underinsured / uninsured motorist insurance carrier on certain claims handling procedures which allegedly violated state insurance code and consumer protection act
    • Class action claim against healthcare insurer for refusal to honor claims for medical and hospitalization expenses and unilateral imposition of undisclosed and/or unauthorized fees
    • Policyholder's claim for underpayment of claims resulting from auto insurers' use of software to adjust value to UM/UIM bodily injury claims
    • Coverage claim by Fortune 500 corporation, a defendant in class action product liability suit, against its liability insurance carrier for cost of defense and indemnity for class action on claims for bodily injury and property damage allegedly arising from defects in its product
    • Pipeline company’s claim arising from rupture of transmission line and resulting contamination from leak of fuel over whether costs of remediation, integrity evaluation, and settlement with third party landowner were covered under the policy language, and were reasonable in scope and amount
    • Coverage dispute involving interpretation and application of “personal injury” and “advertising injury” coverage in duty to defend and indemnify claims in business litigation
    • First party claim by petroleum processing company against its insurance carrier for property damages and rebuilding expenses resulting from catastrophic explosion at refinery and processing plant
    • Policyholder claim for carrier’s refusal to consider, include or pay for exposure for punitive damages in settlement evaluation because carrier claimed policy did not cover punitive damages; insured sought reimbursement of its multi-million dollar contribution to settlement
    • Homeowners’ claims for $20+ million, including punitive and extra-contractual damages, against third party sellers and owners’ homeowner insurance for mold damage discovered by new owners shortly after purchase of multimillion dollar custom home and included custom furnishings
    • MGA’s claim against its own professional liability carriers for failure to defend and indemnify it from claims for $2 million in losses arising from its sub-agent / producer’s alleged negligence and breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty in failure to enforce underwriting guidelines, allowing its sub-agents to issue policies before confirming guidelines were met, accounting deficiencies, failure to collect premium
    • Product component manufacturer claim for defense and indemnity under umbrella policy for multiple claims arising from single defect
    • Internet Service Provider’s claim against its liability carrier for refusal and failure to defend and indemnify in class action securities fraud claims; carrier denied coverage for failure to timely notify carrier under claims made policy
    Negligence in claims handling or insurance advice
    • Claim against broker for negligent advice and services in procuring coverage for restaurant that was destroyed in fire, for failure to properly evaluate the property, and failure to obtain adequate amounts of insurance to cover loss of the property, replacement of contents, and business interruption
    • “Adjuster malpractice” claim against workers’ compensation carrier and its contract administrator for handling and adjusting claims, involving alleged negligence in timely filing a defense, and that resulted in waiver of meritorious defense of serious injury claim
    • “Insurance consulting malpractice” claim by restaurant chain against national insurance consulting firm for damages resulting from its advice in establishing employee benefit plan without explaining alleged severe financial consequences to employer
    • Builder’s coverage claim regarding dispute on interpretation of builders’ risk policy for damage done, and determination of amount of damages caused by builder during construction of multi-story office building project
    • Policyholder claim for coverage and reimbursement of defense costs and indemnity under director and officer liability policy for acts and omissions that were subject of class action and government investigations/prosecutions
    • Health plan member’s claim against a managed behavioral health insurance company for bad faith and for costs incurred by teenage daughter for treatment of mental disorder and chemical dependency, with history of prior suicide attempts, and further attempt, after she was discharged when company refused to authorize further residential treatment on grounds it was not medically necessary
    • Contractual indemnity (non-insurance): National facility management services provider sought declaratory judgment on contractual indemnity provision and indemnity for over $1 million in property damage and cost of remediation of environmental damage after fuel spill at gas station against the provider of maintenance and repair services for negligence in its repairs and breach of contractual obligation to defend and indemnify claimant from site owner’s separate third party claim against claimant
    • Numerous disputes concerning coverage and amounts due on disputed property damage claims
    • Umpire in numerous appraisals for valuation disputes on covered property damage claims
Completed Virtual ADR training conducted by the JAMS Institute, the training arm of JAMS. 

  • Elected Fellow, College of Commercial Arbitrators; Texas Board of Law Examiners; Fellow, Texas & Dallas Bar Foundations; Chair, Dallas Bar Committees; Adjunct faculty, SMU Law School; Mentor, UNT Dallas College of Law; Board of Directors, KERA Channel13 (PBS)
  • Trial Lawyer, Thompson & Knight, 1977-1997
  • J.D., with honors, Harvard Law School, 1976
  • B.A., with highest honors, Baylor University, 1973




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