Lizbeth Hasse

Lizbeth Hasse, Esq., FCIArb

JAMS Mediator, Arbitrator and Referee/Special Master

Case Manager
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Lizbeth Hasse draws from over 30 years of entertainment, technology and intellectual property law experience in the film, television, literary, music, sports and media industries. She has served as a mediator, arbitrator, and settlement master, helping to successfully bring a broad variety of landmark disputes to resolution. Her experience includes motion picture profit participation and royalty disputes, music publishing and royalties matters, gaming properties, contract disputes, publicity and privacy maters, idea theft cases, trademark disputes, employee trade secrets issues copyright and publishing litigation. She is also adept at handling complex copyright and licensing matters, as well as creatively resolving disputes in a manner that helps retain the value of the properties and creative capital invested.

Ms. Hasse is a fellow with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, based in London, one of the most prestigious organizations in international arbitration and she is known for her fairness and managerial skills in arbitration

Ms. Hasse has the keen ability to make parties feel fully heard while moving the process forward efficiently and is best known for her commitment to the process and its participants. She has earned the trust that is necessary to the resolution of matters involving sensitive intellectual property matters as well as confidential entertainment talent disputes. Her work in media and IP worldwide, including advising on evolving IP and communications legislation in a number of eastern European, Asian and African countries enhances her perspective.

Representative Matters:


  • Resolved disputes involving major entertainment companies and major studios including Miramax, MGM, Warner Bros and Warner Communications, Marvel Entertainment, DC Comics, Paramount Pictures, The Weinstein Company, Sony, Sony/ATV, Universal Music Group, Warner Music. New Line Cinema, NBC and CBS 
  • Successfully mediated action brought by top video game creators against former industry employer relating to trade secret, revenue sharing agreement, public policy issues affecting termination of employment. Mediation included potential claims of the former employer against creator’s new employer
  • Successfully mediated dispute between heirs of European art collectors, lawyer and auction house involving their dealings with restitution claims and recovery of art work confiscated by Nazis during WWII


  • Arbitrated dispute between joint venture producers of feature film over rights and revenues 
  •  Mediated multiple claims by estate of prominent UK writer against major film studio over revenues and grants of rights in high grossing film franchise, including copyright termination issues
  • Resolved declaratory judgment action brought by insurance company alleging film production company’s filing of false insurance claim relating to losses from company’s failure to commence production
  • Resolved dispute between college professor, college and graduate student over rights in film based in part on funded research project
  • Resolved dispute between international talent based in Israel and producer about ownership and various rights in show and concept related to a project developed by both parties
  • Successfully mediated claims of international film distributor and rights holder against broadcaster/ for breach of contract relating to packaging of films for international licensing and for manipulation of royalties accounting royalties and receipts
  • Resolved rights, revenue and control issue claims by heirs of large selling popular fiction series writer against developer and producer sequels
  • Resolved contentious dispute involving actions and counter-claims initiated by motion picture producer against major motion picture producers and distributors relating to fundamental creative differences and alleged “pay and play” provisions, among others
  • Resolved dispute between actor and developers of film property in joint venture production


  • Resolved highly-charged contract dispute between internationally renowned musical performer and composer and his former agent/friend/producer over rights to produce, record, and distribute jointly conceived production
  • Arbitrated claims relating to the enforcement of settlement agreement and copyrights in compositions between former members of one of top 20th century US rock bands
  • Mediated action involving multiple disputes among members and former members of major rock band over interpretation of partnership succession agreements, impact of co-administration and licensing agreements on the partnership agreement(s), divisions of profits from merchandising, recordings and publishing, control over individuals’ music-related rights and assets and future use of name
  • Served as settlement master of comprehensive settlement agreement between members of top rock band and former member over newly arising issues relating to royalties, tour proceeds, publishing and relating rights and revenue streams
  • Resolved copyright claims against pop singer accused of infringing parts of popular rock song in her own release
  • Resolved claims of records companies relating to unlicensed peer to peer music sharing technology
  • Resolved claims of rights organizations against major brand advertiser for online use of multiple recorded songs
  • Resolved and designed structured settlement relating to rights of musicians under older contracts without specific reference to new technologies


  • Mediated action brought by one producer of major television series for co-producer’s failure to pay profit participation derived from the series
  • Successfully mediated case brought by subjects featured in a segment of a popular reality show against network, producers and host for misrepresentations regarding content of show and allegedly false and defamatory broadcast of misleadingly edited materials
  • Successfully mediated breach of implied contract and related claims brought by independent producer, major producer and TV network regarding terms of alleged oral agreement for a joint venture to produce reality show
  • Successfully mediated claims for copyright infringement, trademark infringement and false advertising brought by one popular Canadian television series against another in US dealing with the same subject

Media, Gaming and Technology

  • Successfully mediated several actions involving allegations of widespread copyright infringement in the distribution of online entertainment
  • Resolved contentious dispute between inventor and founder of entertainment firm and technology and the new owns/board of continuing enterprise
  • Resolved disputes between game designers and industry employers over IP ownership, trade secrets and employee mobility issues
  • Mediated action involving producer’s motion picture production rights, derivative copyright and trademark claims relating to a mass-produced role-playing game, as well as books, toys and other merchandise manufactured and distributed under the trademark of gaming franchise, including disputes over series of amendments to multiple licensing agreements
  • Resolved personal rights and misappropriation and false advertising issues relating to reuse of celebrity images in other media
  • Resolved disputes relating to rights in the use of film properties for video games


  • Successfully mediated contentious dispute over deceased sports figure’s endorsement contract and trademark cross-licensing agreement involving major sports footwear brand
  • Resolved multiple disputes in professional boxing between major promoters, between executives within major boxing promoting firm, between investors/managers/consultants and promoters relating to claims for misappropriation, disparagement, breach of contract, fraud and antitrust/Ali Act allegations
  • Successfully mediated breach of contract dispute between race car owner and presumed major sponsor over commitment and degree of sponsorship for racing season

Other Entertainment-Related IP and Licensing

  • Mediated damages in action by music publishers alleging secondary liability for copyright infringement by on-line peer-to-peer music distributor
  • Successfully mediated copyright class action by artists and labels against broadcasters for synch licensing fees relating to background music used in programming over multiple-years
  • Helped resolve case between two large events and entertainment ticket vending and re-seller companies regarding failed acquisition negotiations and allegations of trade secret violations
  • Successfully mediated patent infringement case brought by inventor of digital management rights software against manufacturer owning several patents and provide security solutions to largest software and internet service providers
  • Successfully mediated patent infringement claim in cosmetics field relating to spray-on products for skin and related apparatus; including trade dress and advertising claims
  • Successfully resolved patent dispute where major computer manufacturing company sought declaratory judgment of non-validity and non-infringement of four patents by technology company relating to the sharing, editing and playing of audio and video work through compression technology
  • Successfully resolved patent infringement case brought by inventors of satellite communications and video signal compression technology against manufacturer-distributor of portable satellite television system
  • Successfully mediated trademark infringement dispute in the software and electronic media devices fields between US technology

 Teaching Appointments

  • Visiting Professor, American University School of Law, Yerevan, Armenia; Intellectual Property Law, Media Law
  • Visiting Professor, University of Paris V Faculty of Law, Paris, France; Comparative Constitutional Law, Common Law
  • Visiting Instructor, Indonesian State University at Denpasar Law Facility; Trademark, Copyright
  • Instructor, University of California, Berkeley. Legal Studies and Rhetoric Departments; Legal Theory, Legal Proof and Human Rights courses
  • Ms. Hasse has also conducted numerous professional training sessions internationally, including:
    • Courses and seminars in Intellectual property law, media law, arbitration and mediation, legal reform and rule of law matters in Russia, Eastern Europe, France, Peru, francophone Africa, Central Asian countries, Indonesia, Peru, Ecuador and China among others
    • Mentored professional mediators from France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Ecuador, Russia, Senegal, China and Bulgaria
Completed Virtual ADR training conducted by the JAMS Institute, the training arm of JAMS.

  • Fellow, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, London
  • Fulbright Fellow, Paris, France; Legal Scholar in comparative law
  • Selected Member, The Masters Forum of the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine University
  • Certified by United Nations in Civilian Personnel of Peace-Keeping, Mediators and Election Monitoring at International Faculty of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, (Advanced Studies in Human Rights and Conflict Management), Pisa, Italy
  • Panelist, AIPLA (American Intellectual Property Law Association) ADR Neutral Registry
  • Panelist, Arts Arbitration and Mediation Services, San Francisco
  • Panelist, Bar Association of San Francisco, Qualified Mediator Panel and Trainer of Mediators
  • Member, American Bar Association – Intellectual Property and Dispute Resolution Sections
  • Member, California Bar Association – Intellectual Property, Litigation, Dispute Resolution, and International Law sections
  • Member, San Francisco Intellectual Property Association; Women’s Intellectual Property Law Association
  • Visiting Professor, University of California Berkeley, American University School of Law, Yerevan, Armenia; University of Paris V Faculty of Law, France; Indonesian State University at Denpasar Law Facility, Intellectual Property, Civil Law, Comparative Law, Dispute Resolution, Media Law and Legal Theory
  • Member, Boards of Directors: Heart-to-Heart International Children’s Medical Alliance; Track Two Center for Diplomacy; the Russian-American Center; Founding Board of the Edible Schoolyard, Berkeley, CA; Trustee: Presidio Graduate School, San Francisco, CA
  • Founding Partner, Creative Industry Law, San Francisco
  • Coudert Brothers LLP, 2002-2004
  • Hasse Molesky LLP 1987-2002
  • Steinhart & Falconer LLP, 1984-1986
  • Heller Ehrman, White & McAuliffe LLP, 1982-1984
  • J.D., University of California, Berkeley School of Law (formerly Boalt Hall School of Law), 1982
  • M.A., Jurisprudence and Social Policy, University of California, Berkeley, 1982
  • B.A., magna cum laude, Wesleyan University, Highest Honors in Linguistics, 1977
  • On parle francais

Counsel Comments

    • “Thank you Liz. As I mentioned, your preparation and your personal persistence and patience in assisting us get to a resolution…was much appreciated. Thank you again for your efforts.”

      Partner, International Law Firm

    • “I think all the credit goes to Liz on this one.  Without her amazing efforts this would not have happened.”

      International Human Rights Attorney

    • “Thank you for your work on this case and for your thoughtful handling of my client.  I hope to work with you again in the future.”

      –Bay Area Attorney

    • “[Ms. Hasse’s] guidance during the mediation was extremely helpful… look forward to working with [her] again.”

      - Partner, International Law Firm

    • “Signed, sealed, and delivered.  You're my hero, Liz.  Can't thank you enough for your hard work on this.”

      Partner, Bi-coastal Litigation Firm

    • “I wanted to let you know that, with your assistance, we reached an agreement in principle to settle… Your help was invaluable. Thank you very much.”

      New York City Attorney




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