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Harold Himmelman

Harold Himmelman, Esq.

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Case Manager
Margaret Poppe
T: 202-533-2024
F: 202-942-9186
1155 F Street, NW , Suite 1150 , Washington , DC 20004
Mr. Himmelman has extensive arbitration experience as the Chair or member of a three-person panel and as a sole arbitrator deciding multi-million dollar claims in a wide variety of practice areas, including: sports, entertainment, and media; medical and healthcare technology supply contracts; hospital system de-merger; intellectual property; law firm partnerships; fraud and fiduciary duty; valuations; employment; franchise; real estate; and probate. He has presented training to law firms, organizations, and bar associations on the subject of arbitration advocacy. He was involved for many years in private practice in representing national and multi-national companies in arbitrations.

In his work as an arbitrator Mr. Himmelman believes that the proceedings must be conducted fairly and efficiently and that decisions must be based on the merits and thus upon a rigorous analysis of the key facts and applicable law.

Representative Arbitrations

  • Valuation
    • Chair, three-member panel deciding a multi-million dollar dispute over the valuation of a telecommunications company resulting from the parties’ disagreement over the work of an independent valuation expert appointed to resolve the parties’ differing valuations used to determine the final sales price.
  • Utility Industry
    • Chair of a three-member panel to determine claims and counterclaims concerning charges of breach of contract in the sale of a power plant and auxiliary services and equipment; issues included the question of the scope of claims that were the proper subject of arbitration.
  • Law Firm Partnership
    • Chair, three-member panel deciding the rights of a partner in a law firm upon his departure from the firm.
  • Medical Supply Contract
    • Chair, three-member panel determining a multi-million dollar dispute between a supplier of sophisticated medical technology and its chief customer, including allegations of breach of contract and fraud.
  • Professional Sports League Collective Bargaining Agreement
    • Participated in the conduct of arbitration appeals hearings that resolved a highly contentious and highly publicized dispute between one of the nation’s premier sports leagues, the players’ association, and individual players.
  • Sports Company Management/Executive Compensation
    • Sole arbitrator of a dispute involving the departure of the CEO and President from a sport and health company that owned multiple facilities in a major metropolitan area.
  • Newspaper and Nationally-Syndicated Political Radio Talk Show
    • One of three arbitrators appointed to resolve a dispute between a prominent newspaper, its owners, and a nationally-syndicated political radio show over the agreement governing the rights and obligations of the respective parties.
  • Sale of Radio Stations
    • One of three arbitrators in a dispute involving contract claims and counterclaims arising between one of the nation’s premier owners of radio stations and a buyer over the sale of numerous radio stations located across the nation.
  • Musician Copyright Royalties
    • Member of a three-person U.S. Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel that resolved the distribution of copyright royalties to recording artists whose music was played on digital audio recording devices.
  • Hospital System De-Merger
    • Member, three-person panel deciding the rights and obligations of a primary hospital that desired to demerge from a prominent university hospital system. The case involved claims and counterclaims for breach of contract and fraud in the millions of dollars and demands that the acquisition agreement between the hospital and the system be dissolved.
  • Real Estate Business Partnership
    • Sole arbitrator in a case involving a prolonged dispute in many Federal and State courts arising from a series of complex real estate ventures. The parties certified over 120 claims for resolution in arbitration. Through an innovative process designed by Mr. Himmelman, the number of issues to be tried was ultimately drastically reduced. The case was eventually resolved in an expedited fashion.
  • International Trade Proceeding/Consulting Contract
    • Sole arbitrator in a case involving allegations by a national consulting firm that a consortium of companies in a complex international trade proceeding, and their lawyers, failed to pay for requested services.
  • Breach of Service Contract/Tort
    • Sole arbitrator of a dispute between a service business and its client over what damages should be awarded for the business’s alleged breach of contract and related tortious conduct.
  • Franchise
    • Sole arbitrator in several contract disputes concerning national hotel franchises and their franchisees. Issues included the question of whether the matters were the proper subject of arbitration.
  • Gender Discrimination, Retaliation, Tort
    • Sole arbitrator in the first case brought under a national company’s ADR program. The case involved allegations of gender discrimination and retaliation, including dismissal, against a professional employee.
  • Student Loans/RICO
    • Sole arbitrator in two separate cases involving alleged breaches of contract, fraud, conspiracy, and RICO violations in the provision of loans to students to pursue degrees in computer technology.
  • Probate
    • Sole arbitrator in a dispute over the interpretation of a will drafted shortly after a significant change in the applicable state law.
  • Lawyer-Client Fee Disputes
    • Under the auspices of the then D.C. Bar Fee Conciliation and Arbitration Service, a member of several three-member arbitration panels that resolved fee disputes between lawyers and their clients.
  • Mediator, U.S. District Court and U.S. Court of Appeals (DC Cir.) ADR Program since 1995
  • Member, ABA and DC Bar Dispute Resolution Sections
  • Visiting Lecturer, American University and George Washington University Law Schools, 2013
  • Former Member, U.S. Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel
  • Former Member, D.C. Bar Fee Conciliation and Arbitration Service
  • Former Member, JAMS Regional Advisory Council
  • Former Board Member, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington and the D.C. Boys & Girls Clubs
  • Current Member of private, non-profit Boards
  • LL.B., New York University School of Law, 1967 (Walsh Scholar)
  • B.A., cum laude with highest honors, Williams College, 1964 (Phi Beta Kappa)
  • Trial Attorney, U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Honors Law Program
  • Senior Partner/Director, Beveridge & Diamond, P.C., Washington, D.C. for 38 years. (Firm’s first Managing Partner; currently Senior Counsel)
  • Practice included litigation, arbitration, and negotiation advocacy, including jury and non-jury trials involving federal and local governments, corporations, citizens groups, and individuals. Cases included commercial, intellectual property, environment, tort, discrimination, and first amendment. Representation included plaintiffs and defendants, large and small companies, and consortiums of national and multi-national companies.

Counsel Comments

    • “An agreement could not have been reached without Harold’s intervention. He was incredibly well-prepared and a master of shuttle diplomacy. At the appropriate times he was sympathetic, at times forceful. He was always patient. No matter how impenetrable various impasses seemed, he would never give up and always had creative suggestions. He kept both sides, and their lawyers, calm and focused through this highly charged process."

      - Senior Partner, National Law Firm
    • "This was a case of great complexity. It was only because of your creativity, diligence, and faith that settlement was reached. I want to thank you very much for all your efforts. This was in many ways a ‘model mediation."

      - Senior Federal Judge






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