Ann Jones

Hon. Ann I. Jones (Ret.)

JAMS Arbitrator, Mediator, Special Master/Referee, Neutral Evaluator

Case Manager
Kathryn Cisneros
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555 W. 5th St., 32nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90013

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Hon. Ann I. Jones (Ret.) joins JAMS following a 20-year career as a superior court judge in Los Angeles County. During her tenure on the Los Angeles Superior Court, Judge Jones served in several assignments, including over 12 years in unlimited civil departments, in writs and receivers, and most recently in a complex civil department. She previously served as a United States magistrate judge in the Central District of California.

As both a superior court and magistrate judge, Judge Jones presided over hundreds of diverse matters, including coordinated proceedings and class actions involving pharmaceuticals, medical instruments, wage and hour matters, products liability and health care. She also adjudicated complex coverage disputes involving asbestos-related and environmental liabilities.

Before serving on the bench, Judge Jones was a trial attorney, specializing in antitrust, intellectual property and unfair competition. In that capacity, she participated in issuing the United States Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Antitrust Guidelines for the Licensing of Intellectual Property and the Antitrust Enforcement Guidelines for International Operations. She also served as a regional director for the Federal Trade Commission.

As a neutral, Judge Jones is well prepared and provides each matter with great attention and care. Her reputation as a thoughtful and highly regarded judge derives from her ability to cut through complex matters quickly to ensure that scarce litigation resources are directed to the resolution of critical issues. Her organizational skills, coupled with her courtesy and respect for the participants in the litigation, allow her to work efficiently and effectively with all parties toward timely, well-considered and thorough decisions.

ADR Experience and Qualifications

  • Served 20 years as a superior court judge, presiding over civil trials, evidentiary hearings, law and motion proceedings, and discovery and settlement conferences
  • Served four years as a federal magistrate judge, presiding over trials and evidentiary hearings, hearing a full range of motions, managing discovery and conducting settlement conferences
  • Extensive experience handling discovery issues in large, complex mass torts and class action cases, including those involving products liability and large commercial contract disputes
  • Former antitrust attorney in both public agencies and private firm for more than 12 years
  • Participated in the drafting and issuance of the DOJ’s 1995 Antitrust Guidelines for the Licensing of Intellectual Property and the 1995 Antitrust Enforcement Guidelines for International Operations
  • Graduate degree in applied welfare economics, providing her with a unique understanding of expert analyses of complex business and antitrust cases

Representative Matters (as a Sitting Judge)

  • Supervision of complex coordinated proceeding asserting products liability claims concerning manufacturers of vape-related products, endoscopic equipment, anti-viral medications and hip-replacement medical devices
  • Trial of complex case brought by the State of California alleging unfair competition in the advertising of price by several major retailers
  • Trial in decades-long wage and hour case involving a major grocery company alleging misclassification of supervisorial employees
  • California Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) trial involving a major fast food corporation alleging failure to pay overtime and other wage and hour violations
  • PAGA trial involving a major road paving company alleging failure to pay overtime, failure to provide adequate meal and rest breaks, and other wage and hour violations
  • California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) writ proceeding involving a major housing development in Los Angeles County
  • CEQA writ proceeding involving the storage of underground gas in the Playa del Rey
  • Decades-long declaratory relief case involving coverage of asbestos-related products liability claims by a major American corporation against dozens of insurance companies; a nearly 600-page judgment setting out a comprehensive ruling on the myriad coverage issues was issued by the court
  • Decades-long declaratory relief action for coverage of environmental cleanup costs at several sites in California
  • Determining arbitrability and confirming an arbitration award in multi-year, complex litigation between two health care providers regarding treatment and transfer of hospitalized patients
  • Multiple consolidated class action cases alleging class violations of wage and hour laws by employers, including security guard providers, cellular phone service providers, logistic companies, movie production companies, gym operators and charitable organizations
  • Class action case alleging negligence in the maintenance and operation of a high-rise apartment building in which a catastrophic fire occurred
  • Dozens of construction defect cases alleging poor workmanship in large condominium and housing developments throughout Los Angeles County
  • Class action breach of contract case alleging that the way in which claims were adjusted by a computer program systematically deprived insureds of the benefits of the policy
  • Trial in action claiming multi-million-dollar damages for alleged breach of oral contract to provide financing to a viatical acquisition company
  • Several cases requiring the appointment and supervision of receivers, including the liquidation of an escrow company under the supervision of the State of California and the multi-year supervision of the liquidation of a failed insurance company
  • Several cases requiring the adjudication of administrative and/or traditional writs for relief; these cases involved educational institutions, hospitals, police and fire department personnel, transit authorities, county employees and other settings in which immediate relief in the form of a writ proceeding was required
  • Trial in an entertainment industry matter brought concerning a studio and its executives alleging interference with prospective advantage and breach of fiduciary duty resulting from the failed development of a television project
  • Court trials in cases alleging breach of contract, including breach of a commercial lease, breach of a construction contract, breach of a furniture manufacturing contract, breach of a legal retainer agreement and breach of a joint control agreement
  • Trial alleging medical malpractice by a nurse at a local hospital
  • Trial alleging wrongful death and elder abuse at a board-and-care facility
  • Trial alleging wrongful termination in violation of public policy against a shipping transport company
  • Trial involving allegations of civil rights violations by Los Angeles County paramedics in the treatment of a deceased child
  • Trial alleging employment discrimination involving a Los Angeles transportation authority
  • Employment discrimination trial involving a Los Angeles police agency

Representative Matters (as a Lawyer)

  • Litigated claims of monopolization of the white-bread market in Southern California in the 1960s
  • Litigated action involving several municipal electric companies and a major utility for monopolization of electrical wheeling facilities during peak hydroelectric generating periods
  • Litigated action involving a large American manufacturer for monopolization of single-use dust/mist respirators
  • Litigated action involving two large airlines for monopolization of the market for computerized reservation systems
  • Litigated action involving cable television station for monopolization of television advertising in the High Desert
  • Opposed the writ of certiorari in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission v. National Football League (Oakland Raiders) case
  • Litigated trademark infringement action involving a major American brand and Los Angeles businesses
  • Litigated claims of theft of trade secrets and patent infringement between a smaller manufacturer and a major competitor
  • Participated in the United States v. Microsoft Corp. litigation team (Microsoft I)
  • Participated in the civil prosecution of various business in Southern California and Arizona for violations of the Federal Trade Commission Act
  • Participated in merger investigation of two major health care providers
  • Participated in merger investigation of two major grocery retailers
  • Chair and Member, Civil and Small Claims Advisory Committee, Judicial Council
  • President and Member, Board of Trustees, Los Angeles County Law Library
  • Chair and Member, Continuing Judicial Studies Education Committee of the Governing Committee, Center for Judicial Education
  • President and Member, Executive Board, California Judges’ Foundation
  • Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer and Executive Board Member, California Judges Association
  • Member, Executive Committee, Litigation Section, Los Angeles County Bar Association
  • Member, Board of Governors, Association of Business Trial Lawyers
  • Judicial Editor, Receivership News
  • Taught antitrust law at Pepperdine University School of Law and Loyola Law School
  • Judge, Los Angeles Superior Court, 2001–2021
    • Assistant Supervising Judge, Complex Civil Courts
  • Magistrate Judge, U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, 1997–2001
  • Regional Director, Federal Trade Commission, 1996–1997
  • Special Litigation Counsel, Antitrust Division, United States Department of Justice, 1993–1995
  • Associate and Partner, Blecher & Collins, 1985–1993, 1995–1996
  • Law Clerk to the Hon. Eugene Lynch, United States District Court, Northern District of California, 1984–1985
  • J.D./M.P.P., University of California, Berkeley, 1984
    • Executive Editor, California Law Review
  • B.A., magna cum laude, American History, Brown University, 1977
    • Phi Beta Kappa
    • Honors in History

Counsel Comments

    • "Judge Jones has proven that she has the creativity, inventiveness, and determination to resolve even the most seemingly intractable complex cases. She is expert at distilling cases to the one or two key issues and then drilling down on those issues. She is rigorously fair and impervious to b.s. She was a superb jurist and will be equally superb as a JAMS neutral."
    • “Judge Ann Jones has it all. She’s smart, personable, practical, and has a deep understanding of the arc of litigation based on her extensive experience on and off the bench.”
    • "Judge Jones is a first-rate jurist, highly skilled at quickly discerning the strengths and weaknesses of each side’s case and, so, at getting parties to a realistic compromise settlement of their dispute. On the complex litigation bench, she demonstrated an exceptional ability to master cases involving difficult facts and sophisticated legal concepts across numerous substantive areas of law. This will serve her very well in helping JAMS clients successfully resolve their most difficult cases short of trial."
    • "Judge Jones has an incisive intellect and the ability to process the merits and strengths and weaknesses of parties’ arguments on complex issues and the volumes of evidence that they marshal to support their arguments that helps her get quickly at the heart of a dispute. She utilizes these abilities and an incredible and efficient work ethic to facilitate each party’s evaluation about the strengths and weaknesses of its position to reach resolutions in the context of effectively paced settlement discussions as well as to decisively resolve parties’ disputes when in the role of an adjudicator."



Practice Areas

  • Antitrust & Competition
  • Arbitration
  • Business & Commercial
  • Class Action & Mass Tort
  • Construction
  • Employment Law
  • Entertainment & Sports
  • Environmental Law
  • Federal Law
  • Health Care
  • Insurance
  • Intellectual Property
  • International & Cross-Border
  • Life Sciences
  • Personal Injury/Torts
  • Professional Liability


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