Charles (Tim) McCoy

Hon. Charles (Tim) W. McCoy, Jr. (Ret.)

JAMS Mediator, Arbitrator, Referee/Special Master, Neutral Evaluator

Case Manager
Louis Boney, II
T: 213-253-9712
F: 213-620-0100
555 West 5th St., 32nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90013


Hon. Charles "Tim" W. McCoy, Jr. (Ret.) has broad experience with antitrust and unfair competition matters, both at the federal and state levels. Before his appointment to a judgeship in the Los Angeles Superior Court, he specialized in this field of practice as a litigation attorney and trade practice advisor to clients in a variety of industries from aerospace, high technology, banking, entertainment, and many others. As a California Judge and founder of the Complex Litigation Courts in Los Angeles, he has extensive experience in managing and mediating/settling cases brought under California’s Unfair Competition Law, especially in the field of consumer class actions. His personal civility skills and hands-on case management style have facilitated the successful resolution of countless matters raising antitrust and unfair competition-related issues.

Representative Matters

Judge McCoy has handled a multitude of antitrust and unfair competition disputes involving a wide range of issues in a variety of industries, including:

  • Dealership termination disputes involving fast food, computer, construction equipment and consumer products industries, among others
  • Competition restraints where suppliers compete directly with distributors
  • Bundling “choice of service provider” with rebate eligibility in connection with cellular phone consumer sales
  • Alleged price fixing and predatory pricing in energy production and other industries
  • Consumer class actions raising variety of unfair trade practice claims and issues
  • Monopolization claims in design, production and sale of civilian and military aircraft
  • Matters involving both vertical and horizontal restraints on competition and trade including, among others, tying arrangements
  • False advertising claims regarding reception strength and physical territories covered by cellular networks
  • Nationwide class action against major computer manufacturers for alleged false advertisements of computer hard drives
  • Cases against entities whose conduct contributed to adoption of Proposition 64, which revised ways unfair business practice claims may be pursued in California
  • Countless trademark infringement and patent abuse matters
  • Disputes arising from competitive limitations on local exhibition of first-run films in motion picture industry 
  • Resale price maintenance litigation 
  • Restraints on competition contained in employment contracts 
  • Sham litigation claims and matters raising Noerr-Pennington issues 
  • Derivative claims arising in merger and acquisition contexts 
  • Unfair competition litigation against major satellite television provider 
  • Class action against major film studios and talent agencies regarding claims that false movie reviews were created to promote certain feature films 
  • Class action against major car manufacturer for allegedly concealing known vehicle operating defects
Completed Virtual ADR training conducted by the JAMS Institute, the training arm of JAMS. 

  • Honors
    • Outstanding Jurist Award, Los Angeles County Bar Association, 2011
    • Emil Gumpert Award for Outstanding Jurist in the Field of Alternative Dispute Resolution, Center for Civic Mediation, Los Angeles, 2010
    • Golden Mike Freedom of Information Award, Radio and Television News Association of Los Angeles, 2011
    • Hon. Tom C. Clark Award, National Conference of Metropolitan Courts, 2010
    • Pearl F. Vogel President’s Award, Valley Community Legal Foundation, 2010
    • Person of the Year Award, Los Angeles Metropolitan News, 2009
    • Trial Judge of the Year Award, Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles, 2008
  • Judge of the Los Angeles Superior Court, 1993-2013
    • Presiding Judge, Los Angeles Superior Court, 2009 and 2010
    • Assistant Presiding Judge, Los Angeles Superior Court, 2007 and 2008
    • Supervising Judge of all Civil Trial Courts, Los Angeles Superior Court, 2005 and 2006
    • Supervising Judge of the Complex Litigation Courts of Los Angeles, 2004 and 2005 (Founding Bench Officer and Trial Judge of the Complex Courts, 2000-2005)
    • Mandatory Settlement Conference Judge, 2013
    • Supervising Judge, Juvenile Delinquency Courts, East District, 2011 and 2012

Counsel Comments

    • “McCoy settled a case that he never thought would settle. They were ready to go to trial. What made the difference is Judge McCoy's follow up with the parties. He worked nights and weekends and called him at 9:00 pm on a Saturday. I really appreciated the follow-up....”
    • “McCoy's follow up was excellent and that is what helped settle the matter because parties were really far apart...”
    • “Can't say enough about him. What makes him stand out is his work ethic and he will definitely use him again....”
    • "I love Judge McCoy. Our same parties were before Judge McCoy for his last case in court and he settled that matter so our expectations were high and he met them....”
    • "We would definitely recommend Judge McCoy’s services. We would also use him again. He clearly understood the case and was able to communicate those issues accurately and fairly. We and our clients are happy with the results of our mediation."
    • “McCoy is a quick study, he understands business issues beautifully. He understood it whether intuitively or by asking questions. He shuttled diplomacy during the entire process, a choice that worked really well. Our client was from Virginia and the judge did a spiel about how he presided over one of the biggest superior courts in the country with over 450 judges. I asked if the judge's spiel helped and the client said it absolutely helped. The client didn’t know McCoy and doesn't really understand Cali culture so he said that it helped him a lot.”
    • “McCoy was great and did a fantastic job. This was set in a very short time and the judge prepared over the weekend to have a mediation on Martin Luther King Day. He came very prepared and he was a big component in getting this matter settled. Will absolutely use him again."
    • “We found Judge McCoy to be thoughtful, well prepared, fair, and easy to work with.”
    • "He was a quick study, grasped the business and legal points and reached a resolution of a company matter.”




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