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Alexander Polsky

Alexander S. Polsky, FCIArb

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Case Manager
Laura Aguilar
T: 714-937-8256
F: 714-939-8710
500 N. State College Blvd., 14th Floor, Orange, CA 92868
Alexander S. Polsky, FCIArb/HKIACrb is a highly experienced international mediator and arbitrator. He has helped resolve international disputes through ICC, JAMS International, AAA and the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC). Mr. Polsky's 25 years experience as a highly-successful neutral and 14 years as a well-known litigator, provide him with a unique background to succeed as an international panelist.

Mr. Polsky has presided over the resolution of thousands of disputes and is well known for his ability to calm highly emotional parties and simplify complex disputes. He has worked closely with parties from numerous different countries and cultures to resolve disputes in a wide array of practice areas, including those involving business, construction, employment, insurance, intellectual property, maritime, and personal injury issues, among others. Mr. Polsky has taught negotiation and mediation at the University of Southern California’s Gould School of Law. He also provides negotiation training to law firms, bar associations, and corporations worldwide.

Representative Matters

  • Breach of executive compensation dispute between an international sports equipment firm and former U.S.-based general counsel who alleged wrongful termination following establishment of company’s essential business development agreements
  • Commercial matter involving manufacture of specialized vehicle to be re-sold in foreign country. Upon receipt, engine found to be defective, leading to litigation against engine manufacturer that involved claims for costs of vehicle, interest, lost profits, shipping, and storage
  • Directors & officers liability matter brought on behalf of creditors over pre-insolvency transfer of millions of dollars from balance sheet to foreign-based company
  • Dispute involving defamation and fraud claims alleging defendant embarked on multi-year campaign to discredit international telecommunications company. Matter involved cross claim for breach of contract
  • Employment dispute between U.S.-based employee and overseas health care company involving claims for wrongful termination, retaliation for medical leave of absence, emotional distress, and wage and hour violations under state labor code
  • Entertainment law dispute between multinational entertainment corporations over licensing and distribution rights for creative television formats in Latin America
  • International arbitration, following UNCITRAL rules, involving dispute over ownership of intellectual property rights for solar energy system technology
  • International business dispute involving competing airline ticket consolidation companies
  • International re-insurance fraud and improper placement of excess coverage claims, with matter involving evaluation of multiple re-insurance treaties
  • Matter involving disputes between founders of multiple national and international call centers over ownership shares and interest
  • Resolved legal malpractice claim involving maritime insurance coverage dispute over vessel that sank in calm seas
  • Dispute between individual and former employer, an international corporation, over alleged wrongful termination during individual’s indefinite medical leave

Additional Experience

  • Mr. Polsky is a sought after negotiation skills trainer and has lectured throughout the United States. He is an adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Southern California, where he teaches a course he designed on ADR and negotiation, and at the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University School of Law, where he teaches courses in the LLM program. He is available to provide training in negotiation and mediation skills development to corporations and professional organizations.
  • Pro bono activities include Dispute Resolution Services (DRS) Board of Directors; Los Angeles/Long Beach Legal Aid Grand Cru Board of Directors; Public Law Center of Orange County Board of Directors; Los Angeles County Bar Association volunteer mediation program volunteer
  • Recognized as a Best Lawyer, Alternative Dispute Resolution category, Best Lawyers in America, 2008-2018
  • Recognized as a SuperLawyer, Alternative Dispute Resolution category, SuperLawyers, 2006-2016
  • Recognized as a Top Master, Daily Journal
  • Recognized with AV Preeminent Status as a Top Rated Lawyer in Alternative Dispute Resolution, Martindale-Hubbell
  • Recognized as a Top California Neutral, Daily Journal, 2006-2010, 2012
  • Speaker, "What Real Estate Attorneys Can Learn From Mediators—And Vice Versa," Tokyo Annual Conference of the International Bar Association, 2014
  • Panelist, U.S. District Court for the Central District of California Mediation Panel
  • Successfully completed "Accelerated Route to Fellowship International Arbitration Program with Award Writing Examination, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, North American Branch, 2014
  • Former Adjunct Professor of Law, University of Southern California School of Law and Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University School of Law
  • Lecturer (partial list): California Bar Association, American Bar Association, Association of Southern and Northern California Defense Counsel; Consumer Attorneys of California, Los Angeles and Orange County; Los Angeles, Orange County and San Francisco Bar Associations; Pepperdine University Law School; Building Industry Association
  • Past Director: Orange County Bar Association, Orange County Trial Lawyer's Association, Southern California Adjuster's Association
  • Past Chairperson, Orange County Bar Association Committee on ADR
  • Delegate, State Bar of California, Conference of Delegates
  • National Institute of Forensic Studies, Professional Advisory Board
  • Publications on ADR and Attorney Fee Disputes for State and Local Bar Associations, firms, trade associations, and newspapers. Author: "A System for Cost Effective Management of Construction Defect and Complex Litigation." Author: "ADR, Why Does it Work?" Author: "Use of the Special Master in Complex Litigation." Author: "Use of Risk Based Facilitative Dispute Resolution."
  • Mr. Polsky has lectured throughout the United States. He is an adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Southern California, where he teaches a course he designed on ADR and negotiation, and at the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University School of Law, where he teaches courses in the LLM program. He is available to provide training in negotiation and mediation skill development to corporations and professional organizations.
  • Pro bono activities include Dispute Resolution Services (DRS) Board of Directors; Los Angeles/Long Beach Legal Aid Grand Cru Board of Directors; Public Law Center of Orange County Board of Directors; Los Angeles County Bar Association volunteer mediation program volunteer
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    Counsel Comments

      • "Nobody works a case like [Alex] and I think all counsel appreciate how prepared he is for tough cases."

        - New York Attorney
      • "Alex went above and beyond the call of duty showing up to our office to review the case the night before[...]. The case did not settle on the day of the [...] mediation and he continued to work [round] the clock on the Friday before trial to get the case resolved. Well done Alex!"

        - Orange County Attorney
      • "The thought, care, and attention he put into this mediation really showed and my client appreciated his superior mediation efforts." 

        - Orange County Attorney
      • “You did a masterful job of handling the many egos in the 2 rooms. The word that always comes to mind about you is ‘unflappable.’”

        - Orange County attorney
      • “Thanks for the great news that this matter has settled. As you know, it was complicated factually and legally, and your resolution of it speaks to your ability and persistence.”

        - Comment from Superior Court judge of settled matter Los Angeles, CA.
      • “I do not believe this would have settled without your efforts.”

        - Comment from counsel after $2.5 million settlement of coverage dispute. Los Angeles, CA
      • “Thank you, Mr. Polsky. We couldn’t have done it without you.”

        - Robert M. Nash, Esq.
      • “Thank you for your evenhandedness at the arbitration.”

        - Alex Weiss, Esq.
      • “Unlike other mediators, Mr. Polsky does not give up, he hangs in there and keeps the process going even when others would expect an impasse he gets the job done.”

        - Robert Hubbell, Esq. Morrison & Foerster LLP Los Angeles, CA
      • “Mr. Polsky, your sensitivity to my family’s horrible loss, and your unbiased communication of the risks of trial, allowed us to see the wisdom of settlement. Thank you.”

        - Comment from plaintiff after settlement of wrongful death case
      • “Thank you for taking the time to drive to my home on a Saturday to mediate what might have been an explosive situation. Your calmness and ability to listen to both sides to assist us in reaching an amicable solution was a supreme effort... My humble thanks for your expertise.”

        - Thank-you note from plaintiff after mediation of construction defect case
      • “Your reputation as a hard working settlement judge was definitely confirmed by your efforts in this case.”

        - Herbert Hafif, Esq. Claremont, CA
      • “Thank you for an outstanding job in settling (case name). You handled the (product liability/death by decapitation) matter in an outstanding fashion.”

        - David Berglund, Esq. Berglund & Johnson Woodland Hills, CA
      • “I do not believe this matter would have settled without your assistance.”

        - Ronald Darling, Esq. Darling & Risbrough LLP Irvine, CA
      • “You have a reputation as a closer who is not afraid to get down to business in construction defect cases and get the job done.”

        - Kenneth Kasdan, Esq. Kasdan Simonds Weber & Vaughan LLP Irvine, CA
      • “Mediator Alex Polsky was fantastic!” 

        - Charles C. McKenna, Esq. Wright, Finlay & Zak Newport Beach, CA
      • “I wish to express the appreciation I feel for the extremely professional, efficient and friendly manner in which this mediation was conducted. Feel free to use my name as an attorney who feels that Alex Polsky not only gets things done, but also does them in a way that is positive and constructive.”

        - Perry Irvine, Esq. Palo Alto, CA
      • “You brought such and ease and true concern in imparting much needed and practical insight.”

        - Angela Pickett, Esq. Long Beach, CA
      • “Your hard work and constructive efforts were instrumental in bringing this litigation to a successful conclusion for both sides.”

        - Henry Zangwill, Esq. Anderson, McPharlin & Conners LLP Los Angeles, CA
      • “A party lied [during non binding arbitration] and when confronted with it, Mr. Polsky called a time-out. I thought this was very sensitive of him. Mr. Polsky’s handling of [the witnesses’] distress was very good.”

        - Pauline White, Esq. Monrovia, CA
      • “We very much appreciated Mr. Polsky’s willingness to conduct a late evening session followed by a Sunday session. With his help, we got the case settled.”

        - David Hochner, Esq. Rutan & Tucker Costa Mesa, CA
      • “Very good result on a hard case. Excellent settlement abilities.”

        - W.O. Robinson, Esq. ArrowPoint Capital Los Angeles, CA
      • “As usual, excellent service!”

        - Randall Koenig, Esq. Koenig Jacobsen, LLP Irvine, CA
      • “Mr. Polsky was capable, professional and courteous.”

        - William Caplan, Esq. Costa Mesa, CA
      • “Mr. Polsky was the best mediator I have ever had experience with in this area.”

        - Ben Schuck, Esq. Santa Paula, CA
      • “Mr. Polsky is one of the best mediators I have worked with in my 20 years of practice.”

        - David S. White, Esq. Los Angeles, CA
      • “The arbitrator was one of the best I have ever utilized.”

        - Ken Steelman, Esq. Irvine, CA
      • “Mr. Polsky is very effective.”

        - Madelyn Enright, Esq. Murtaugh Meyer Nelson & Treglia LLP Irvine, CA
      • “Alex is an outstanding mediator. Most sitting judges could learn a thing or two from him.”

        - Jeffrey C. Metzger Laguna Hills, CA
      • “Mr. Polsky presents a welcomed approach to arbitration. In addition to hearing and reviewing all briefs, evidence and argument needed for determination on the issues, he worked with the parties in an effort to produce a settlement.”

        - Unsigned letter from attorney
      • “Mr. Polsky graciously rescheduled the mediation at no cost to accommodate an emergency and then worked hard to produce a settlement.”

        - Todd Croutch, Esq. Fonda & Fraser LLP Glendale, CA
      • “Mr. Polsky was fair, professional and courteous.”

        - Adam Siegler, Esq. Greenberg Traurig Santa Monica, CA
      • “I was especially pleased with the way Mr. Polsky communicated with my clients and explained issues to them. He is a good teacher.”

        - (Ref: Complex business mediation) Mark Fredrick, Esq. Santa Ana, CA
      • “Alex did a great job most importantly explaining the insurance issues and listening to the client’s personal trauma.”

        - Colin Barr, Esq. Orbach & Huff LLP Los Angeles, CA
      • “Alex is one of the most effective mediators with whom I have ever dealt.”

        - Carol Burney Lewis Meserve, Mumper & Hughes LLP Los Angeles, CA
      • “You will always be indelibly etched in my mind for your sensitivity and all you have done to help me end this horrible experience.”

        - Plaintiff following settlement of employment dispute
      • “We wish to express our sincere appreciation for your efforts in successfully mediating the matter last week. We applaud your uncommon perseverance during a most difficult session.”

        - K. Stephen Powers Chattanooga, TN
      • “Thank you again for all of your assistance in helping us to resolve the xxx case. Your experience and patience in mediating the matter, when the parties were essentially polarized following our initial failed mediation before another mediator, helped both sides avoid a lengthy and expensive trial.”

        - (Ref: Serious injury mediation) Kara Pape, Esq. Schaffer, Lax, McNaughton & Chen Los Angeles, CA
      • “Mr. Polsky was an excellent mediator. The session was effective with sensitivity to personal issues.”

        - (Ref. Employment mediation) Rachelle Singer, Esq. Smith, Silbar, Parker & Woffinden, LLP Irvine, CA
      • “In the face of adversity, you did not give up, stayed true to your client (a fair settlement) and came up with a creative solution. Thanks!”

        - (Ref: Complex construction defect special master and mediation) Kenneth Kasdan, Esq. Kasdan Simonds Weber & Vaughan LLP Irvine, CA
      • “Thank you for your persistence in helping us reach a successful resolution of this matter. Once settlement was achieved with a majority of the (parties) the court put us in an awkward position where we were forced to consider re-negotiating (past) settlements. You were an oak, and stood firm. Again ou succeeded where your predecessor failed, and this is another testament to your superior skills.”

        - (Ref: Complex construction defect special master and mediation) Doug Stewart Farmer’s Insurance
      • “My family and I appreciate the expediency in which you handled the case. We wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous future.”

        - (Ref. Products liability mediation) B. J. Hagen Houston, TX
      • “Mr. Polsky is a mediator of the highest competence, and his outstanding professionalism in conducting mediations is a credit to JAMS and to the legal profession.”

        - Jon Kodani, Esq. Santa Monica, CA
      • “While it may seem like arbitration and mediation are old news, Alexander Polsky and Deborah David, of JAMS in Los Angeles, presented updated information and new techniques to help claim professionals become more successful in this area of the industry.”

        - Insurance Weekly magazine commenting on a program delivered at the CA Combined Claims Conference
      • “You have done in one day what 4 other mediators were unable to accomplish in over 25 sessions. The court is indebted to you for your efforts and creativity.”

        - Honorable Joan Ettinger, Riverside County Superior Court, upon learning that the major component of a case with over 30 parties and a two year time estimate had been resolved in one specially designed mediation
      • “On behalf of my client and myself I would like the thank you for your service as a mediator in the above referenced matter. You may wish to know that, in each of the three occasions where you served as mediator on a case wherein I served as counsel for one of the parties, you settled the case. This includes the case where you were taken to the hospital. Your professionalism and expertise are greatly appreciated.”

        - (Ref: Serious injury mediation) Earl R. Wallace, Esq. Ruzicka & Wallace, LLP Irvine, CA
      • “It was purely because of your excellent professional help that the case was settled.”

        - (Ref: International business partnership dispute and trade infringement claim) Rachel Moorhead London, U.K.
      • “Thank you for your hard work. It was a pleasure to finally get to work with you. Your name has been ‘bandied’ about on our employment lawyer listserve as people post inquiries and you always received great reviews. My client felt very comfortable with you and commented that you had a nice, calming style; he also appreciated your honest feedback and felt he could trust you. Those are the types of qualities, along with your legal experience to back you up, which help to make you a great mediator.”

        - (Ref: Complex employment mediation) Michelle Reinglass, Esq. Orange County, CA
      • “Thank you for your efforts in resolving the above-entitled case. Quite frankly, I did not feel that this action would settle without your assistance. Again, thank you for your professionalism.”

        - Joseph A. Shuff, III, Esq. Shuff Law Firm Santa Ana, CA
      • “I was extraordinarily pleased with Mr. Polsky’s analysis, effort and perseverance toward attempting to resolve the above referenced matter. Further, his suggestion to meet at lunch with defense counsel was innovative and assisting in developing a rapport, which made final discovery easier as well as eventual settlement.”

        - (Ref: Complex business mediation) Jonathan Weber Los Angeles, CA
      • “Please forgive the delay in writing you this much-deserved ‘thank you’ for the outstanding job you did on this Mediation. … Had you not persuaded the defendants to disclose the 11th hour adverse testimony on the Fire Captain, it would most likely have been a disaster for us at trial. Again, our sincere thank you for a job well done.”

        - (Ref: Severe Burn case) John C. Adams III Hunt & Adams Santa Ana, CA
      • “I've been doing this for more than 20 years and I have never seen a mediator take such a personal interest in a case as you have in this one.Mike King has said you're the best.He is right.Thanks for your help.”

        - (Ref: Habitability class action mediation) Grant Riley Riley & Associates Los Angeles, CA
      • “I look forward to your involvement in the matter and welcome the proactive manner you use in undertaking pre-mediation telephone discussions.”

        - (Ref. Employment mediation) Jeffrey Gordon Los Angeles, CA
      • “Thank you for all your hard work and extra time. It’s refreshing to know that some mediators put in extra time to get a deal done without looking at the ‘clock.’ Kudos to you and your entire staff… ”

        - Reza Mirroknian Esq. Los Angeles, CA
      • “Thank you, Alex: This was one of the most difficult cases on every level that I have had in many years. I thought your work was excellent. I appreciate(d) your constructive comments.”

        - Howard Kornberg, Esq. Los Angeles, CA
      • “What they say about you is true—you get results!”

        - Sean McGee, Esq. Irvine, CA
      • “Thank you for all your assistance in this case. It was one of the more challenging cases I have dealt with, which I consider right in ‘the Polsky zone.’ Meaning, when people tell me they have complex cases, or cases with many moving parts, you are always my first recommendation. Thank you.”

        - Matthew McNicholas, Esq. McNicholas & McNicholas LLP Los Angeles, CA
      • “Your style and realistic approach made the day relatively enjoyable despite difficult dynamics. While it's distasteful to pay anything under the circumstances, and it would have been a fun trial, you are right that from an economic perspective the settlement was the right thing to do. We'll talk again soon. Regards.”

        - Vincent J. Davitt, Esq. Murphy Rosen & Meylan LLP Santa Monica, CA
      • “You did a fantastic job with this (difficult) case.”

        - Victoria Ersoff Wood Smith Henning & Berman LLP Los Angeles, CA
      • “Alex, you did a great job, you are a terrific study!”

        - Richard Bridgford, Esq. Bridgford & Gleason Aliso Viejo, CA
      • “…you were masterful. I look forward to using your skills in the future.”

        - Steven Maslauski, Esq. Kirtland & Packard LLP El Segundo, CA
      • “Thank you so much for your professional and outstanding assistance!”

        - M. Kelly Tillery, Esq. Pepper Hamilton LLP Philadelphia, PA
      • “As always, you managed to make things come together with a good result for all parties. Your considerable talent and personality makes it a pleasure working with you. I enjoyed our off case conversations and look forward to the next mediation….You are one of the hardest working guys I know. I wish you would slow down just a bit. Not so much you don't have time for our mediations, though.”

        - Charles Arnold Arnold & Arnold Marine Loss Adjusters
      • Thank you for staying late and helping bridge a wide cultural cap and some strong personalities to help us settle this difficult case! I don't think many mediators would have pulled it off.

        - Los Angeles attorney




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