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David Ross

David S. Ross, Esq.

Case Manager
Shakiya Wright-McDuffie
T: 212-607-2700
F: 212-751-4099
620 8th Ave, 34th Floor, New York, NY 10018


David S. Ross, Esq. has conducted negotiation skills, basic and advanced mediation skills, mediation advocacy, conflict management, and other ADR training seminars and courses for thousands of lawyers and law students, human resource and C-Suite executives, state and federal judges, mediators, and other professionals. Mr. Ross also trains recently incarcerated people how to communicate and negotiate effectively as they re-enter the work force.

Mr. Ross, whose mediation career has been featured in The New York Law Journal and The National Law Journal, teaches Basic and Advanced negotiation courses at Columbia University Law School. He has also taught courses or lectured at New York University School of Law and Cornell University’s School of Labor and Industrial Relations.

Mr. Ross is a former member of the National ADR Training Faculty of Pepperdine University School of Law based in Malibu, California.

He has trained lawyers for:

  • The New York City Bar Association
  • The Practicing Law Institute
  • The American Corporate Counsel Association
  • The United States Attorney General’s Office
  • The United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York
  • Various law firms throughout the country

Mr. Ross has also conducted training sessions for many public and private organizations, including:

  • United Airlines
  • U.S. Skin Cancer Foundation
  • The McGraw-Hill Companies
  • Cosmair (L'Oreal, Maybelline)
  • American International Group, Inc. (AIG)
  • The Association for Conflict Resolution - Greater New York
  • Getting Out and Staying Out (GOSO)
  • Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO)

Mr. Ross serves as an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University Law School where he teaches a course entitled Negotiation Theory and Skills. He has also taught courses or lectured on mediation and arbitration at New York University School of Law, Cornell University School of Labor/Industrial Relations, Brooklyn Law School, and Benjamin N. Cardozo Law School. He is a former member of the National ADR Training Faculty of Pepperdine University School of Law based in Malibu, California.

CLE Training Courses
To inquire about scheduling a course for your firm or company, please email Mr. Ross’ Case Manager, Brittany Faulconbridge, at

Virtual Mediation: Choosing it and Using It
60 - 75 min / 1 - 1.5 units CLE

This interactive online session helps lawyers understand the basics of virtual mediation and best practices in representing clients in any type of virtual mediation. The training also explains how JAMS organizes and runs effective mediations using the Zoom platform.

As a Senior Mediator at JAMS and Adjunct Professor teaching Advanced Negotiations at Columbia Law School, David S. Ross, Esq., shares his experience—as well as “lessons from the trenches” from some of his most experienced colleagues—mediating and settling cases using virtual platforms. Mr. Ross focuses on a spectrum of key practice issues including: How to Overcome Your (and your clients’) Reluctance to Use Virtual Mediation, Unexpected Benefits of Virtual Mediations, Reading Upper Body Language, and crucial “Do’s and Don’ts."

In addition, a Virtual Support Services Specialist from JAMS explains the "JAMS Approach” covering topics including: Initiating a Mediation Session, Privacy and Security Safeguards, and How to Use Confidential Breakout Rooms.

Written materials include some of the most recent articles on Virtual Mediation and Virtual ADR and Security.

Praise for This Course
Mr. Ross has successfully trained hundreds of lawyers at plaintiff and defense firms across the country. Below are a few of the most recent testimonials, without attribution.

“Thank you all for a fantastic presentation top to bottom.”
Great presentation—and would highly recommend to other firms.”
“It was an excellent training.”
Very good and useful session.”
“The training was very helpful.”

The Magician and the Mediator: Tricks, Tactics and Techniques for Negotiators
75 min / 1.5 units CLE

Can a magician’s secrets help you at the negotiation table? Can a mediator’s emotional intelligence be taught? David Ross, Esq., a senior mediator at JAMS and adjunct professor at Columbia Law School, and Ryan Oakes, an award-winning magician and mentalist, team up to teach you new skills and strategies that can take your negotiation practice to the next level. The science and art of applying mindfulness, shaping perceptions, building rapport, detecting lies, handling hardball tactics, reading groups of people, and using social proof are just few of the topics explored and explained by two experts in their respective crafts — mediation and magic. Expect the unexpected in this unconventional workshop, but rest assured you will learn practical tips on how to be a more persuasive negotiator.

Mediation Experience
An active mediator for nearly 30 years, Mr. Ross has successfully resolved thousands of complex two-party and multi-party disputes—including multiple class actions—and regularly handles high profile cases involving celebrities, politicians and CEO’s of global corporations. Recognized as one of the leading employment mediators in the country, he has mediated cases involving allegations of harassment and discrimination based on age, disability, gender, transgender, sexual orientation, national origin, and race. Mr. Ross also has experience resolving all types of commercial, partnership dissolution, and securities cases.

Mind of the Master Mediator
Mr. Ross examines the practices and psyches of six extraordinary JAMS mediators — and shares his personal perspective — in an ongoing series of articles hosted monthly on the JAMS Blog. Links to the posts are provided below and available on Mr. Ross’ Publications tab.

Polo Shirts, Power Ties and Pant Suits: Strategic Clothing Choices for Virtual Mediations | September 2020
  • Board of Trustees, New York University School of Law, 2020-present
  • Author, "Mind of the Master Mediator," JAMS ADR Blog, 2020
  • Adjunct Professor, Columbia University School of Law, 1995-present
    • Course Creator and Instructor, Basic Negotiation Skills and Theory
    • Course Creator and Instructor, Advanced Negotiation Skills
  • Inaugural Chair / Facilitator, Rainforest Alliance Honoree Program (2016)
  • Panelist, NYU Law School / ABA Mediation Week (2015)
  • Panelist, Workshop on Employment Law for Federal Judges (2008)
  • Mediation Trainer, Bar Association of the City of New York; Cornell University School of Labor/Industrial Relations, U.S. Attorney General
  • Editor of a leading negotiation textbook Beyond Winning: Negotiating to Create Value in Deals and Disputes (Harvard University Press, 2005)
  • Co-Chair, Employment Dispute Resolution Systems, NYU Law School
  • Former Member, National Mediation Panels: Merrill Lynch, NASD, AIG
  • Conducts seminars on mediation advocacy & ethics, and negotiation
  • Guest speaker on mediation at ABA Conferences, NYU School of Law, Brooklyn Law School, The Practicing Law Institute, and The American Corporate Counsel Association
  • Authored articles on ADR, including: "Strategic Considerations in Choosing a Mediator" (The Journal of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Employment, Vol. 2, No. 1, Spring 2002); "The Role of Feelings in Mediation" (Dispute Resolution Alert, February 2010); and "Advanced Negotiation Skills for Lawyers" (ABA Press, 2003)
  • Board of Trustees, The Rainforest Alliance
  • Board of Directors, Friends of Facing History, Inc.
  • Founder, Honors Mentoring Program, The Facing History School
  • President’s Leadership Council, Search for Common Ground
  • Development Committee, Trinity School
  • Convergence Leadership Council (a non-profit that solves social challenges through collaboration)
  • Prior to joining JAMS, Mr. Ross practiced in the litigation department at Cravath, Swaine and Moore
  • LL.M., Alternative Dispute Resolution, Columbia Univ. Law School (1993)
  • J.D., New York University Law School, 1989 (Moot Court Board)
  • B.A., with honors, University of Virginia, 1986
    • Visiting Scholar, Cambridge University, England (1985-1986)

Counsel Comments

    Plaintiff's Counsel
    • “David Ross is an exceptionally talented, insightful, and effective mediator who is patient, persistent and fair.”
    • “David is a fantastic mediator. He works very well with clients and attorneys alike and is very knowledgeable and experienced. I highly recommend David.”
    • “David is a terrific mediator. I honestly started out thinking there was little chance of even getting an offer [from my adversary]. He did a great job.”
    • “David is always well-prepared and focused on the pivotal issues. He works hard and is committed to getting a deal done.”
    • “David did a great job yesterday. He was masterful! I did not think we would get it done. His touch was just right on both sides.”
    • “I thoroughly enjoyed working with Mr. Ross. I felt that he was professional and fair to both sides. He never wavered, and worked diligently to mediate the matter that would not have ended well without him. Our firm will definitely request his services again.”
    • “David Ross is a top-notch employment law mediator who knows the law inside and out and understands the intricacies of a complex, personal negotiation as these types of disputes so often are. Even better, he genuinely cares about seeing these matters resolved.”
    • “David is a truly experienced mediator who respects the process and always shows deep empathy for the parties. David does not simply "split the baby” -- you can see him personally struggling as parties might reach impasses. My clients always walked away very happy and relieved with the result because of his personal investment in the process from carefully reading the papers, talking to counsel before the mediation, his thoroughness during the mediation, and his careful consideration and deliberation.”
    • “David is an excellent mediator. He always is very well prepared and clearly takes the time to learn the case and carefully review the parties’ pre-mediation submissions. David has been instrumental in successfully resolving a number of very difficult cases. I give him my highest recommendation.
    • “David Ross is an iron fist in a velvet glove. As a mediator he manages expectations on both sides, keeps both sides focused on obtaining a resolution, and gets the job done!”
    • “I am compelled to recognize his outstanding abilities as a mediator and his special qualities as a person. We appreciate his hard and creative work, and we were lucky to have him.”
    • "I would not hesitate using David as a mediator under any circumstance. David is an effective mediator and has all of the skills necessary to get a resolution on the mediation day. I have worked with him on both the management and plaintiffs' side and he is able to relate to clients regardless of their background and position. David is not happy if he doesn’t resolve the case. That bodes well for a successful mediation as he is an active mediator who brings the parties together. He is very smart and perceptive.”
    • “David is a seasoned professional who is engaged in the process by immersing himself with the facts of a dispute. He looks at the narrative objectively, offering a fair approach to compromise. I'd put him on my short list, given his proven effectiveness in helping parties resolve disputes in a balanced and fair way.”
    • “David has the right personality and intellect to get tough cases settled.”
    • David played a stellar role in resolving my client’s case. Although I was convinced that an amicable disposition of this matter was unlikely, his persistence combined with over nine hours of patient, skillfully conducted joint and separate sessions brought about a resolution. Without a doubt, the settlement of this matter resulted from his efforts. As a plaintiff’s employment attorney, his neutrality restored my faith in mediation services.”
    • “Mr. Ross settled a challenging case and did a remarkable job communicating with the parties.”
    • “We had been trying to resolve a difficult employment case for six months. Eventually we agreed to mediate with David Ross at JAMS and the case settled in a day. David has that rare talent to bring people together and find a solution. He is warm, pragmatic and can resolve even those stubborn cases that seem hopeless. You can go to court and litigate for years or call David Ross and end it in a day.”
    • “I appreciate David's doggedness in getting the parties (and their counsel) to reach a meeting of the minds.”
    • “I think David did a fantastic job. I look forward to working with him again.”
    Defense Counsel
    • “David is a pro. He is incredibly well-prepared, whip-smart, and strategic in his approach. He works tirelessly to achieve resolution, and cares deeply about the process and participants.”
      Chair, Employment Group for global law firm
    • “I have participated in hundreds of mediations across the United States, and worked with hundreds of different mediators. In my opinion, David Ross is the best and most creative mediator in the country.”
      In-House Counsel, Fortune 100 Company
    • “David took what I thought was an impossible situation and made a deal happen. I was especially impressed with the way he 'kept hope alive.' His work throughout the mediation was stunning.”
    • “Whether garden variety or complex litigation, David has consistently proven to be energetic, creative and committed to reaching successful resolutions satisfactory to all involved.”
    • David was amazing on this! A huge help in making the settlement happen! Many kudos.”
    • “David Ross has an excellent demeanor. He listens carefully and respectfully to the client’s position, but, at the same time, he is candid about the strengths and risks of the case. A true strategic thinker as he guides the parties to a reasonable resolution.”
    • “Mr. Ross worked late into the evening to finalize a resolution in our contentious breach of contract action related to executive compensation. His preparation, perseverance, and calm and consistent demeanor throughout the day established the trust necessary on both sides to bridge the gap and finalize an agreement.”
    • “I'm convinced we would not have been able to reach this resolution without his assistance. I appreciate his persistence, smarts and candor throughout the process. He was effective!”
      - General Counsel, Fortune 500 Company
    • “David demonstrated extraordinary perseverance. His dedication to resolving this matter was heartfelt. I was impressed with his knowledge of the facts and your ability to discern the realities of the situation. David used valiant efforts in getting this difficult and complicated case settled.”
      - In-House Counsel, Fortune 500 Company
    • “David was respectful, focused, understood the contentions of all parties and was familiar with the counsels’ submissions and arguments. He helped the parties achieve a settlement in a relatively brief period of time, avoiding delay despite the number of parties involved and the contentious issues presented.”
    • “We were very happy with Mr. Ross. He successfully mediated two employment-related disputes for us. He used a creative approach when it seemed like the parties were at an impasse and it worked.”
    • “David was extremely adept at realizing the relevant issues to all parties and at helping to formulate proposals that would meet the needs of all parties involved.”
      - Chair of Employment Practice Group
    • “David did what you want a mediator to do: find a way to get a settlement by any means necessary with creativity, patience and even humor."
    • “David used tireless efforts over what proved to be an intense two-day period."
    • “I was not optimistic for most of the mediation that we would reach a settlement number that was agreeable to my client. David's patience and skills helped obtain that outcome. I thank him for his efforts."
    • I very much appreciated David's handling of the situation and was glad that he proved my pessimism to be unfounded!
    • “David was instrumental to the settlement. Since the commencement of the claim, both sides were extremely adamant in their respective positions and were willing to proceed with litigation. Accordingly, we went into mediation under the continued strong belief that the matter would not settle, at least not to our satisfaction, and that the process would be just another formality. However, almost from the start, both sides were extremely pleasantly surprised during the process to see progress, which was a direct tribute to David’s preparedness and knowledge of the case as well as his professional approach. The common notion that “both sides walk away unhappy” did not apply to us. My client and I were extremely satisfied with the outcome, all due to David’s magic. I would use him again.”



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