Stephen Schiller

Hon. Stephen A. Schiller (Ret.)

JAMS Mediator, Arbitrator and Referee/Special Master

Case Manager
Sandra Dicken
T: 312-655-9191
F: 312-655-0644
71 S. Wacker Drive, Suite 2400, Chicago, IL 60606


Hon. Stephen A. Schiller (Ret.) has been resolving disputes at JAMS-Chicago for over a decade.  With over 20 years judicial experience in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois and nearly as many in private practice, Judge Schiller is a trusted expert in the Chicagoland legal community.

Judge Schiller’s ADR practice focuses on commercial contract disputes; personal injury matters arising out of claimed negligence and product liability; insurance coverage; professional liability disputes involving the medical, legal, accounting and surveying professions; class action claims, and disputes arising out of the purchase and sale of interests in business, as well as minority interest issues.

ADR Experience and Qualifications

  • Full-time ADR neutral since 2004 focusing on arbitration/mediation of complex business/commercial disputes
  • Wide-ranging judicial experience in both the Chancery and Law Divisions of Cook County Circuit Court and the ability to help parties make realistic assessments of their legal positions
  • Special expertise in discovery-related questions in the context of managed arbitration processes

Representative Matters

  • Insurance coverage dispute amongst more than 15 carriers. The dispute involved inception and priority issues over multiple years in connection with claims against a large chemical company and its contractors. The claims arose from use of waste disposal sites around the country. Claims aggregated in excess of $500 million.
  • Resolution of class actions brought on behalf of renters of residential units  located throughout the United States.  Resolved related dispute between the property owner and several of its insurers concerning coverage.
  • Settled $200 million D&O insurance coverage dispute amongst more than a dozen carriers.
  • Determination of the respective exposures of more than 12 insurers in relation to several reinsurance contracts and retrocession treaties that followed them, covering large exposures and with aggregate premiums in excess of $1 billion.
  • Dispute concerning liability arising out of disclosure issues related to the acquisition of a formerly listed business.  Included were related disputes concerning the alleged professional liability of transaction counsel, and a dispute between one group of acquisition counsel and their insurers. Amounts in dispute approached a billion dollars.
  • Handled hundreds of cases dealing with duty to defend in filed casualty cases (casualty cases involved not only motor vehicles, but railroad and chemical spill/release cases as well)
  • Multiple disputes exposing insurers with regard to the responsibility of coverage for construction sites and general contractors and insurers
  • Numerous disputes between driver's and owner's carriers regarding both duty to defend and coverage in automobile cases
  • Resolution of injury claims by multiple parties implicating insurers with multiple policies and insurers of multiple exposed defendants; including instances where injuries were likely to exceed the amount of available coverage
Completed Virtual ADR training conducted by the JAMS Institute, the training arm of JAMS. 

  • Chair, Supreme Court Committee on Complex Litigation, 2003-2004; member since 2001<
  • Executive Committee, Illinois Judicial Conference, 2001-2004
  • Faculty, Illinois Judicial Conference Regional Seminar on Settlement Techniques, March 2003
  • Chair, Illinois Judicial Conference Regional Seminar on Insurance Litigation, 2003
  • Award, Illinois Committee on Honest Government, 1997
  • Illinois Representative Multi District Silicone Gel Breast Implant Litigation, 1992-1997
  • Fellow, Institution for Social and Policy Studies, Yale Univ., 1972
  • National Defender Fellow, Univ. of Chicago Law School, 1965
  • Full-time JAMS neutral, 2004-Present
  • Judge, Circuit Court of Cook County, Chicago, Illinois, 1981-2004
  • Special Counsel to the Director, Illinois Department of Revenue, 1980
  • Executive Director, Chicago Crime Commission, 1974-1980
  • Private Law Practice, Chicago, Illinois, 1962-1974, 1980
  • J.D., University of Chicago Law School, 1961
  • B.S.C., Accounting and Finance, Roosevelt University, 1958



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