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Since joining JAMS as a full-time neutral in 1989, Michael D. Young, Esq. has conducted over 1,700 complex or multi-party mediations and arbitrations, and has been appointed as a mediator or special master (for discovery management or settlement implementation purposes) by various courts in the United States and elsewhere in the world. He has mediated cases in Madrid, Spain (airline leasing dispute between a French lender and a Venezuelan airline); Rome, Italy (product supply dispute between an English manufacturer and Israeli communications company); Zurich, Switzerland (executive-level employment dispute); and in San Juan, Puerto Rico (claims against failed banks by regulators and private parties, and ancillary insurance coverage issues). Mr. Young has also served as an arbitrator in International Chamber of Commerce proceedings as well as in the International Center for Dispute Resolution and other international forums. He is a member of the CPR International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution Panel of Distinguished Neutrals and is also a member of the panels of the Beijing Arbitration Commission in China, Singapore International Mediation Center, Afghanistan Centre for Commercial Dispute Resolution's International Mediation Panel and the Center for Arbitration and Dispute Resolution in Israel.

Mr. Young has designed dispute resolution procedures for public and private entities outside of the United States, including in Hong Kong (Hong Kong Architectural Services Department) and in Russia (Russian Republic State Arbitrazh System), and has conducted trainings on mediation and other dispute resolution topics in Russia, Israel, Argentina, and Mexico. In addition, he has traveled extensively, visiting most of Western and Eastern Europe, Canada, Jordan, Morocco, Japan, Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, Turkey, South Africa, Brazil, and China. Mr. Young is conversant in Spanish and often works with clients in that language.

Mr. Young specializes in the resolution of commercial and financial disputes, as well as in insurance coverage, construction, and professional liability mediations and arbitrations.

Download "What Counsel Say About Michael Young’s Mediation Style and Skills," or see Mr. Young's arbitration biography for more information about his work as an arbitrator.

Please note the references on the left-hand sidebar reflect recognition by the legal community in New York and, more broadly, of Mr. Young’s skills and achievements as a mediator and arbitrator. Most recently, in June 2016, Chambers and Partners identified Mr. Young as one of the seven mediators in the United States recognized in Band One. Chambers described him as an “exceptionally experienced mediator …” and noted that “[m]arket sources state that he is ‘very talented in allowing time for the parties to see things for themselves,’ commending his very effective handling of challenging disputes.”

Representative Matters Involving Non-U.S. Parties
  • Arbitrations
    • Arbitration and mediation of many insurance coverage cases involving either London or European-based or off-shore insurers or syndicates, including the mediation of a coverage dispute between a Japan-based insured and a Bermuda-based carrier
    • Arbitration of a contract dispute between American and Japanese telecommunications companies, serving as a member of an AAA International Center for Dispute Resolution Tribunal
    • Arbitration of a contract dispute between American and Mexican mining companies, serving as a member of an International Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Tribunal
    • Arbitration of a contract dispute between French manufacturer of satellites and American communications company
    • Arbitration of a contract dispute between American and Irish pharmaceutical companies
    • Arbitration of a valuation dispute between Japanese and Korean companies, serving as Chair of an International Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Tribunal
    • Arbitration of a real estate-related dispute between an American developer and a Korean investor
    • Arbitration of a contract dispute between American and Korean medical device manufacturers
  • Mediations
    • Mediation of a dispute regarding a "take or pay" supply contract between an American manufacturer of certain raw materials and the Taiwanese company that buys the raw materials for inclusion in its products
    • Mediation between a US-based investor and the India-based website regarding his alleged investment
    • Mediation between a Chinese manufacturer and the US-based entity that arranged for delivery of parts throughout the world for repairs to the Chinese manufacturer's products
    • Mediation of a dispute between an American investment bank and a Chinese bank counter-party regarding the unwind of a derivative instrument
    • Mediation of a multi-million dollar collection proceeding by an American insurer against a Mexican re-insurer and its parent corporations, raising issues of Mexican substantive law and procedure, and mediation of a first-party property damage claim involving property in Mexico and raising questions of Mexican insurance law
    • Mediation of claims for copyright infringement and violation of "moral rights" statutes (under the laws of Puerto Rico and various Central and South American countries) brought by a composer and singer of Salsa music against a record producer
    • Mediation of a contract dispute between a Dutch real estate investment firm and its American asset manager
    • Mediation of a contract dispute between a German construction company and an American consultant
    • Mediation in Rome of a contract dispute between an Israeli satellite television company and the British supplier of the receptor boxes
    • Mediation of a contract dispute between a Middle East-based distributor of software and the American manufacturer
    • Mediation of a contract dispute between a Swiss company, which was the prime contractor for the building of a waste water treatment plant in Russia, and its American subcontractor
    • Mediation of a contract dispute between a venture capital fund specializing in investments in the Brazilian tech sector and a consultant; and mediation of a contract dispute between an Austrian investment fund manager and its U.S.-based consultant, raising issues of Austrian substantive law and procedure
    • Mediations of a contract dispute between Israeli and American software companies, and of a separate, but similar contract dispute between Irish and American technology companies
    • Mediation of a contract dispute between two re-sellers of telephone time, one of which was based in Africa and provided services primarily in Africa
    • Mediation of a defamation claim brought by a Greek executive with the Greek national airlines against an American law firm
    • Mediation in Madrid of a dispute between a South American airline (and its parent, a Spanish airline) and a consortium of European banks, led by a French bank, regarding defaults on financing for the leases of airplanes. British law applied and British attorneys represented the parties
    • Mediation of a dispute, under Chilean law, between a Latin American insurer and a German manufacturer regarding liability arising out of a product defect
    • Mediation of an employment dispute between the U.S. subsidiary of a large French company and its general counsel
    • Mediation of an environmental cleanup cost allocation dispute among the past and current owners, including a large Canadian company, of a mining operation in the U.S.
    • Mediation of a finder’s fee claim by an American business broker against two French companies
    • Mediation of an investment dispute between an Israeli high-tech company and a Swiss bank
    • Mediation of a partnership dispute among seven Iranians involving real estate and other assets in Iran, Israel and the U.S.
    • Mediation of a patent dispute between Israeli and Japanese companies
    • Mediation of a post-acquisition dispute between an American manufacturer and a much larger French company which purchased one of the American company's business units
    • Mediation of a professional liability claim by a large Malaysian company against an American law firm with respect to the development of a power plant in Pakistan
    • Mediation of a professional liability dispute between a Dutch pension fund and an American accounting firm, involving complex tax issues
    • Multiple mediations of securities-related claims against Chinese-based companies listed on U.S. exchanges
    • Mediations of a securities “suitability” dispute between a Chilean investor and a London-based broker relating to a derivative product based on German interest rates, and of similar disputes involving a Venezuelan investor relating to a derivative product based on Russian government bonds, and of a Brazilian investor relating to “Brady Bonds”
    • Mediation of a dispute between two Spanish construction companies and a Canadian investment bank regarding advice given to the former about a bid on a Chilean construction project

Honors, Memberships, and Professional Activities

  • Member of College of Commercial Arbitrators and College of Labor & Employment Lawyers (“neutral member”), as well as various U.S. bar associations
  • Lecturer about dispute resolution topics at programs conducted by the American Bar Association, College of Commercial Arbitrators, American Corporate Counsel Association, CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution, and American Law Institute
  • Various articles published in New York Law Journal, National Law Journal, Mealey’s Emerging Securities Litigation, Cardozo Law School Dispute Resolution Journal and Metropolitan Corporate Counsel regarding dispute resolution topics

Background and Education

  • Between 1978 and 1989, practiced as a litigator in both public and private sectors
  • J.D., cum laude, Harvard Law School, 1978
  • A.B., with honors, Brown University, 1975


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