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Practice: Family Law

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Family Law Dispute Resolution

Resolving family law disputes at JAMS offers the parties and counsel several distinct advantages over other methods. The panel consists of the best family law ADR professionals in the country and has dealt with all family law issues, from the ordinary to the unique and complex. JAMS neutrals serve in a variety of roles, including as mediators, discovery referees and special masters. They have specific expertise in annulment, custody and visitation, division of property, assets and benefits, child and spousal support, business valuations, pre- and post-nuptial agreements, marital settlement agreements, among others.

The nature of ADR provides parties with privacy, and in most instances, complete confidentiality. Counsel and parties involved in family law cases frequently face long waits at courthouses and inefficient procedures in the exchange of information and documents. Our family law specialists offer competitive rates and a more efficient and effective process. Family law matters can often be resolved at JAMS in less time and at less cost, allowing parties to move past their disputes and on with their lives.

JAMS resolution centers are specifically designed to provide a neutral and comfortable environment in which to settle your dispute. We offer hearing rooms as well as private caucus rooms. Many of our spaces have “family rooms” designed specifically for family law disputes.