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International Arbitrators and Arbitration Services

International Arbitrators and Arbitration Services

Experienced, Empathetic and Effective Arbitrators

International Commercial Arbitration

International commercial arbitration is one of the fastest-growing practices at JAMS. With industry leading rules, JAMS is praised for a highly experienced panel with specialties in many key areas, multilingual case management capabilities, and unparalleled service. JAMS specializes in the resolution of international disputes and is one of the largest providers of commercial arbitration in the world.

Arbitral Institution

JAMS serves both as an international arbitration institution to leading international arbitration law firms, and as a provider of international arbitrators to other arbitral bodies including AAA, ICC, LCIA, HKIAC, and for ad hoc proceedings under UNCITRAL and UNIDROIT principles.

International Arbitration Rules

JAMS arbitrators work with the rules of any major institution, including our own. JAMS provides innovative International Arbitration Rules, which incorporate emergency relief procedures, summary disposition, expedited options that limit discovery and authority to impose sanctions on parties for non-compliance.

Multilingual Case Management

JAMS offers award-winning case administration from an experienced team of multilingual case managers serving major seats in New York, London and dozens of other locations.

Resolution Centers Worldwide

JAMS ensures every aspect of your experience runs smoothly. JAMS offers unrivalled hearing facilities in key markets such as New York, London, Toronto, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, DC and others. See a full list of Resolution Centers worldwide.


JAMS is a preferred option for international arbitration due to a unique fee structure in which there are no large upfront fees or surprise billing statements for meals, equipment, photo copies or other office expenses.

Clauses for Commercial Contracts

Sample clauses referencing JAMS International Arbitration Rules are available here. The JAMS International Clause Workbook is also available to provide standard language and guidance on tailoring enforceable clauses.

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