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Weinstein JAMS International Fellowship

Weinstein JAMS International Fellowship

JAMS Foundation

Weinstein JAMS International Fellowship

The Weinstein JAMS International Fellowship Program, inaugurated in 2008, provides opportunities for qualified individuals from outside the United States to study dispute resolution processes and practices in the U.S. to assist them in their efforts to advance the resolution of disputes in their home countries.

The JAMS Foundation will approve Fellowships of up to $20,000 in support of projects outlined by Fellowship applicants. The Program is intended for individuals who have demonstrated experience with and commitment to the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and who seek to increase the availability of dispute resolution education, training and services in their own countries and beyond.

The Fellowship Program is designed to be flexible and open to innovation, and applicants are encouraged to be creative in pursuing activities in the U.S. that will serve to expand the use of ADR in their home countries.

Fellowships may be from one month to four months in duration. While applicants may propose activities lasting longer than four months, Fellowship funding is limited to the Fellowship period.

It is anticipated that Fellows will come from countries that do not have an established culture of using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) for cases in litigation. Part of Fellows' time in the U.S. will be spent observing how JAMS administers and resolves such cases.

Depending on the nature of their proposal, Fellows may also participate in university-based programs or be affiliated with other organizations or institutions that may help to advance their interests and goals. Such affiliations can take many forms, from formal enrollment in graduate degree programs to more informal arrangements providing varying degrees of access and support.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to research and begin to establish such affiliations prior to or concurrent with their Fellowship application. While the JAMS Foundation makes every effort to facilitate introductions where possible, it is Applicant's responsibility to research available opportunities and to establish affiliations with the organizations or institutions with which they intend to work or study.

In addition to their other activities, Fellows are also required to attend a week-long gathering of all Fellows in their cohort in the San Francisco Bay Area in early September of their Fellowship year.

Fellowship Application Information


  1. Applicants may not be citizens of the United States.
  2. Applicants must be fluent in English.
  3. Proposed Fellowship must be one month to four months in duration.
  4. Fellowship funding may only be used to support Fellowship activities in the U.S. and is not available for in-country projects.
  5. Preference for proposals that would help establish viable dispute resolution systems or change how disputes are resolved.
  6. Preference for applicants with experience as judges, lawyers, law professors, court administrators, government officers, or ADR practitioners.
  7. Preference for applicants able to commence their Fellowship with the annual gathering of Fellows in the San Francisco Bay area in early September of their Fellowship year.

Information Sought From Applicant

  1. Purpose and goal of Fellowship
  2. Anticipated activity or activities in the U.S.
  3. Proposed duration and location(s) of Fellowship
  4. Plan for accomplishing Fellowship objectives upon return to home country
  5. Educational background
  6. Dispute resolution training and experience
  7. Organizations or institutions with which you are affiliated in your home country
  8. Organizations or institutions with which you expect to be affiliated while in the U.S.
  9. Amount of funding sought and proposed budget
  10. Other sources of funding available, applied for, or awarded
  11. Additional non-monetary resources or support requested from the JAMS Foundation
  12. Current visa status for entry into U.S. (visa type, expiration date)

Please note that pursuant to U.S. State Department regulations, the JAMS Foundation is not an approved 'Sponsor' with regard to the issuance of visas to foreign nationals. While the JAMS Foundation will make every effort to help facilitate visa applications of Weinstein Fellows, Fellows are individually responsible for obtaining the necessary visa for the purposes and duration of their Fellowship.

Please also note that pursuant to U.S. Internal Revenue Service regulations, Fellowship funding is subject to taxation as income. This tax may be affected by a number of factors, including recipient's country of origin, whether that country has a tax treaty with the U.S., and the purpose for which Fellowship funds are used. Additional information regarding the taxation of income to foreign nationals is available at

Application Submission

Applications for 2024 may be submitted at any time, but must be received by November 17, 2023 to be eligible for consideration.

Fellowship applications may be submitted electronically or in hard copy.

Electronic submissions should be sent via email to Ellen Bass, Weinstein JAMS Fellowship Program Director, at

Hard copy submissions should be mailed as follows:

Ellen Bass
Weinstein JAMS Fellowship Program Director
Two Embarcadero Center, Suite 1500
San Francisco, CA 94111

Complete application submissions must include the following:

  1. Fellowship Application Form (downloadable in Word and PDF formats below)
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Two Signed Letters of Recommendation*

*Letters of Recommendation may be included with your application or sent directly from the recommending party. If submitted electronically, letters must be signed, scanned and sent in PDF or comparable format.

Click to download the Fellowship application form in Microsoft Word or PDF format.

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Weinstein JAMS International Fellows

2023 Fellows

Name Country of Origin
Zainab Jawara Alami The Gambia
Dima Alexandrova Bulgaria
Liliana Nadia Amione Argentina
Mahamane Fondogoumo Djitteye Mali
Caroline Nene Etuk Nigeria
Josina Jackson Jamaica
Muhammad Quraish Khan Pakistan
Stephen Lungu Zambia
Christine Maksoud Lebanon/United Arab Emirates
Piotr Marciniak Poland
Emmanuel Ekundayo Roberts Sierra Leone
Wendell Wallace Trinidad & Tobago

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2022 Fellows

Name Country of Origin
Petra Drgonova Slovakia
Mohammad Faruque Bangladesh
Bunlang Jiraboonsri Thailand
Victoria Banke Olagbegi-Oloba Nigeria
Sophie Tkemaladze Georgia
Gergely Varga Hungary
Patricia Zghibarta Moldova

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2020-21 Fellows

Name Country of Origin
Natalia Alenkina Kyrgyzstan
Victor Baba Emmanuel Aligo South Sudan/Kenya
Gidey Belay Assefa Ethiopia
Hicham Kantar Lebanon
Anh Tuan Nguyen Vietnam
Akira Ninomiya Junior Brazil
Nominchimeg Odsuren Mongolia
Ljubomir Petruljeskov Serbia/Italy
Khadeeja Shabeen Republic of Maldives
Monika Wlodarczyk Poland
Lilit Yeremyan Armenia
Migle Zukauskaite Lithuania

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2019 Fellows

Name Country of Origin
Zeeshan Ali Pakistan
Nuha AlMuhanna Kuwait
Ugochinyelu Anidi Nigeria
Merita Bala Albania
Eleni Charalambidou Cyprus
Constantin-Adi Gavrilă Romania
Prachi Mehta India
Carolina Núñez Barrera Spain
Kennedy Odhiambo Kenya
Katarzyna Przyluska-Ciszewska Poland
Jody Sin Hong Kong
Pranjal Sinha India

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2018 Fellows

Name Country of Origin
Fidana Alieva Kyrgyz Republic
Anvar Aslanov Uzbekistan
Archil Chochia Estonia/Georgia
Georges Feghali Lebanon
Anjeze Gojani Kosovo
Anastase Nabahire Rwanda
Harbey Pena Sandoval Columbia
Nudrat Ejaz Piracha Pakistan
Mehnaz Siddiqui Bangladesh

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2017 Fellows

Name Country of Origin
Tuba Bilecik Turkey
Maryan Hassan Somalia/UK
K. Kannan India
Tat Lim Singapore
Etiene Coelho Martins Brazil
Mugeni Siwale Mulenga Zambia
Ruslan Mirzayev Azerbaijan
Chitra Narayan India
Ivana Ninčić Serbia
Ivan Ormachea-Choque Peru
Patricio Cury Pastene Chile
Ehsan Sadiq Pakistan
Pirita Virtanen Finland
Lei Zhao China

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2016 Fellows

Name Country of Origin
Derek Auchie Scotland
Katherine Clerides Cyprus
Mariana Freitas de Souza Brazil
Sherzodbek Masadikov Uzbekistan
Mahmoud Kamal Mohamed Mourad Egypt
Adolphe Mushizi Mwendambali Democratic Republic of the Congo
Giorgi Tsertsvadze Georgia
Bernadette Uwicyeza Rwanda
Farjana Yesmin Bangladesh

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2015 Fellows

Name Country of Origin
Dimitra Gavriil Greece
Nuria Gonzalez-Martin Spain
Mohammad Abdul Halim Bangladesh
Elie Jebran Lebanon
Jiang Liping China
Harrison Mutabazi Rwanda
Olabisi Tolu Obamuroh Nigeria
Felicitas Paller Austria
Maciej Tanski Poland
Do Thanh Thuy Vietnam
Mayu Watanabe Japan

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2014 Fellows

Name Country of Origin
Francis H.V. Belle Barbados
Sherif Elnegahy Egypt
Francisco Giménez-Salinas Framis Spain
Ihsanullah Khan Pakistan
Bonginkosi Petros Mkhize South Africa
Parichart Munsgool Thailand
Ignacio Ripol Spain
Aleksandre Tsuladze Georgia
Hauwa Yakubu Nigeria

To view more information on JAMS 2014 Fellows, please click here.

2013 Fellows

Name Country of Origin
Ahmed Mostafa Abou Zeid Egypt
Spyros Antonelos Greece
Tatsiana Bialiayeva Belarus
Lynne Coulson Barr Austraila
Primila Edward Malaysia
Amos Gabrieli Israel
Farshad Ghodoosi Iran
Teresa Morais Leitao Portugal
Sayed Abdul Ahad Mansoor Afghanistan
Fernando Navarro-Sánchez Mexico
Asiyan Suleymanoglu Turkey

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2012 Fellows

Name Country of Origin
Maria Rosario Garcia Alvarez Spain
Ivan Bimbilovski Macedonia
Olurotimi Williams Daudu Nigeria
Thierno Diallo Senegal
Livia Angela Giordano Switzerland
Kathy Alicia Maria Gonzales Trinidad
Enga Innocent Kameni Cameroon
Lejla Bratovic Mavris Bosnia-Herzegovina
Tolegen Myrzabayev Kazakhstan
Blazo Nedic Serbia

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2011 Fellows

Name Country of Origin
Gabriela Asmar Brazil
Guang Chen China
Paola Cecchi Dimeglio France
Evgeni Georgiev Bulgaria
Manuela Grosu Hungary
Heping Jiang China
Peter Kamminga Netherlands
Andrew Wei-Min Lee Australia/China
Mushegh Manukyan Armenia
Savath Meas Cambodia
Thanarak Naowarat Thailand
Pema Needup Bhutan
Laila Ollapally India
Dimitra Triantafyllou Greece

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2010 Fellows

Name Country of Origin
Galyna Eremenko Ukraine
Aminu Gamawa Nigeria
Tilahun Retta Ethiopia
Fraser Sampson United Kingdom
Hagit Shaked-Gvili Israel
Srdan Simac Croatia
Lilian Vargas Argentina
Nicola White Ireland
Ralph Zulman South Africa


2009 Fellows

Name Country of Origin
Badri Bhandari Nepal
Ximena Bustamante Ecuador
Tsisana Shamlikashvili Russia
Ahmed El Feqy Egypt
Mohan Lal Mehta India
Orouba Qarain Jordan
Giulio Zanolla Italy

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Two Embarcadero Center, Suite 1500 San Francisco, CA 94111

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