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ADR Strategies for In-House Counsel

ADR Strategies for In-House Counsel

JAMS Mediation, Arbitration and ADR Services

ADR Strategies for In-House Counsel

Maximize the benefits and minimize the costs of dispute resolution.

ADR is no longer the exception—it’s the rule.

At least half of Fortune 1000 corporations now use ADR as a principal means of resolving domestic and international disputes. Companies both large and small choose ADR because it saves time and money and provides a range of options for resolution by a retired judge or attorney-neutral with relevant expertise in a private, confidential setting. Avoiding protracted litigation helps businesses preserve critical relationships, keep important projects on track and minimize legal and internal costs.

Resources for in-house counsel are also available in Spanish and Portuguese.

JAMS provides effective options at every stage of the process:

Customized ADR Programs

Design and implementation of company-sponsored ADR programs, including those required in response to:

  • catastrophic events  such as natural disasters and accidental or negligent acts
  • class actions and mass torts
  • disputes that impact or have potential to impact business

Initiate programs whenever the need arises — before, during or after a causative event or in response to settlement decrees or court orders

Tailor the mediation or other ADR process to suit your specific needs

Scale the program to meet the unique demands of your company



Pre-Conflict Agreements

JAMS Clause Workbooks, comprehensive guides to drafting ADR clauses for domestic, international and cross-border commercial contracts

Determine how to resolve disputes before they arise

Avoid litigation by stipulating to mediation and/or arbitration

Minimize the cost of resolution with a carefully crafted ADR clause


Dispute Avoidance/ Negotiation

Negotiation Skills Training and other JAMS Continuing Legal Education programs on successful conflict management

Learn negotiation, settlement and other effective ADR techniques from highly skilled practitioners

De-escalate and resolve problems before a costly lawsuit is filed


Early Intervention

Pre-Dispute Mediation

Structured Negotiations

Project Neutrals


Retain control by handling matters in-house

Collaborate on solutions with respected neutrals who have substantive experience


Neutral Analysis

Early Case Assessment

Neutral Evaluation

Mock Trials

Assess risk and estimate reasonable settlement costs

Choose the optimum means of final resolution based on the evaluation of a retired judge or attorney-neutral


Special Masters & Referees

Special Masters

General, Discovery, and E-Discovery Referees

Technical Special Masters/ Forensic Neutrals

Design manageable ESI, discovery and settlement processes to mitigate cost using an accessible neutral

Mediate discovery disputes

Use technical neutrals to forensically analyze digital evidence



Evaluative Mediation

Facilitative Mediation

Save significant time and money

Preserve critical relationships

Craft a mutually acceptable solution via a consensual process



Arbitration of Domestic, International and Cross- Border Disputes

Expedited Procedures

Appeals Process

Select a neutral with relevant expertise

Control the process with custom JAMS Arbitration Rules & Procedures

Mitigate discovery costs upfront by partnering with parties, counsel and an experienced JAMS arbitrator on a discovery plan

Contract for an appeal process

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About JAMS

JAMS successfully resolves business and legal disputes by providing efficient, cost-effective and impartial ways of overcoming barriers at any stage of conflict. JAMS offers customized, in-person, virtual and hybrid dispute resolution services through a combination of first class client service, the latest technology, top-notch facilities, and highly trained mediators and arbitrators.

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