Practice: Arbitration

At JAMS, We Take Arbitration as Seriously as You Do

We understand that there is a lot on the line in arbitration. We know attorneys count on JAMS to provide highly skilled arbitrators who use JAMS Managed Arbitration Process to save time and money. JAMS offers efficiency, speed, and results. If another arbitration provider was written into your contract, call an experienced JAMS Case Manager to discuss having your case administered by JAMS.

JAMS Optional Expedited Arbitration Procedures
JAMS has taken an industry-leading role to ensure arbitration remains an attractive alternative to litigation. In order to save clients time and money, JAMS has instituted procedural options that allow the crafting of a process that is commensurate with the dispute. With JAMS Optional Expedited Arbitration Procedures, parties can choose a process that limits depositions, document requests and e-discovery. When parties utilizing JAMS Comprehensive Arbitration Rules elect to use these procedures, they agree to the voluntary and informal exchange of all non-privileged documents and other information relevant to the dispute. These rules are an innovative step taken by JAMS to guarantee that its clients can have an efficient process if they choose.
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JAMS Arbitration Advantages

The Best Arbitrators
JAMS arbitrators are among the best and most experienced. With nearly 300 full-time neutrals, JAMS offers highly respected and experienced arbitrators, including retired state and federal court judges and attorneys. JAMS neutrals have experience as arbitrators under the rules of all major arbitral institutions. For an extensive list of JAMS arbitrators, please click here.

JAMS Managed Arbitration
JAMS arbitrators utilize a "Managed Arbitration Process" consisting of checklists and procedures to keep the arbitration on time and within budget, providing attorneys with peace of mind that their arbitration will be fair, professional, and timely with a reliable outcome. Our neutrals are available full-time, so arbitration hearings are scheduled promptly and most matters are resolved within six months of the appointment of the arbitrator. The JAMS Recommended Arbitration Discovery Protocols provide JAMS arbitrators with an effective tool that will help them exercise their sound judgment in furtherance of achieving an efficient, cost-effective process which affords the parties a fair opportunity to be heard.
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Custom Arbitration Rules and Optional Appeal Procedure
JAMS offers domestic and international arbitration rules tailored to help attorneys streamline the arbitration process for a timely and efficient resolution and ensure fairness to all parties. The unique JAMS Optional Appeal Procedure provides parties a method for meaningful review.
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National Arbitration Committee
The JAMS National Arbitration Committee, a body independent of the arbitrator, decides issues of controversy that may arise when the arbitrator is unavailable, has not yet been appointed, or the issue involves the arbitrator, such as claims of conflict. The National Arbitration Committee acts as a safeguard to the fairness of the arbitration process.

Superior Case Management
JAMS employs case managers who have long track records of arbitration experience. Many have strong legal backgrounds and all receive ongoing training. Our case managers consistently receive high ratings from attorneys for their efficient, responsive, and friendly service.

Convenient Resolution Centers
With more than 20 locations in major cities throughout the United States, JAMS' signature Resolution Centers provide a neutral, professional, and comfortable environment to resolve the most challenging and complex individual and class disputes. Our Resolution Centers are in the heart of business districts nationwide.
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