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Arbitration Schedule of Fees and Costs JAMS Mediation, Arbitration, ADR Services

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Arbitration Schedule of Fees and Costs

U.S. Domestic


Hourly rate is set by the individual arbitrator(s). Please contact a JAMS case manager for more information.


For two-party matters, the Filing Fee is $1,500. For matters involving three or more parties, the filing fee is $2,000. The entire Filing Fee must be paid in full to expedite the commencement of the proceedings. Thereafter, a Case Management Fee of 12% will be assessed against all Professional Fees, including time spent for hearings, pre- and post-hearing reading and research and award preparation. JAMS also charges a $1,500 filing fee for counterclaims.

For matters involving consumers, the consumer is only required to pay $250. See JAMS Policy on Consumer Arbitrations Pursuant to Pre-Dispute Clauses. For matters based on a clause or agreement that is required as a condition of employment, the employee is only required to pay $400. See JAMS Policy on Employment Arbitrations, Minimum Standards of Fairness.

A refund of $600 will be issued if the matter is withdrawn within five days of filing. After five days, the filing fee is non-refundable.

International Arbitration

For more information about our international fees, please see our International Arbitration Schedule of Fees and Costs.

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