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ADR Rules, Clauses and Procedures

ADR Rules, Clauses and Procedures

JAMS Mediation, Arbitration and ADR Services

JAMS ADR Rules & Clauses

In a continuing effort to provide our clients with the highest quality dispute resolution services, JAMS offers clauses, rules and procedures designed to meet the parties’ needs in a variety of situations. The menu of clauses, rules and procedures allows you to customize a process for your dispute. The newest addition is JAMS Optional Expedited Arbitration Procedures, which is described in more detail below. 

JAMS Optional Expedited Arbitration Procedures

JAMS has taken an industry-leading role to ensure arbitration remains an attractive alternative to litigation. In order to save clients time and money, JAMS has instituted new procedural options that allow the crafting of a process that is commensurate with the dispute. With JAMS new Optional Expedited Arbitration Procedures, parties can choose a process that limits depositions, document requests and e-discovery. When parties utilizing JAMS Comprehensive Arbitration Rules elect to use these procedures, they agree to the voluntary and informal exchange of all non-privileged documents and other information relevant to the dispute. These rules are an innovative step taken by JAMS to guarantee that its clients can have an efficient process if they choose. 

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