Practice: Class Action & Mass Tort

As a global ADR provider, JAMS has decades of experience in resolving large, complex disputes such as class actions and mass torts, including multidistrict litigation (MDL). JAMS and our respected neutrals are experts at efficiently handling the complexities and substantial administrative details that are the hallmark of large, complicated actions. These cases frequently include hundreds of parties, large groups of lawyers, multiple jurisdictions and hundreds of millions of dollars.

The JAMS Class Action and Mass Tort Practice has proven immensely successful. The Courts and lawyers have consistently recognized JAMS neutrals for their outstanding contributions to the process. We help optimize outcomes by designing common sense settlement and distribution plans based on practical business considerations, due process, respect for all parties and a commitment to swiftly achieving finality. Please click here to view a list of sample class action and mass torts cases handled by JAMS and our neutrals.

JAMS Class Action and Mass Tort Practice Video

A Coordinated Team of Professionals Dedicated to Providing a Tailored Approach

The JAMS Class Action and Mass Tort Practice offers comprehensive, customized service. JAMS sets the standard among providers because of our flexibility in designing a process that meets both the needs of the parties and the unique requirements of each case.

Our experienced neutrals and case managers can address many of the issues that arise during complex litigation, from case management, the discovery process and eDiscovery, to settlement, post-settlement process design, administration and claims administration. No matter the size of the matter or breadth of the case, JAMS provides neutrals with relevant background and experience customized for each case. The neutrals also work in teams as necessary to provide an efficient operating protocol with centralized management and administration. Please click here for an extensive list of JAMS neutrals who specialize in class actions and mass torts.

Partnership with the Courts and Both Sides of the Bar

Courts and judges have consistently chosen and trust JAMS and our neutrals to engineer sound, enforceable and expedient settlements. In addition, leading plaintiff and defense attorneys have remarked that selecting the services of the JAMS Class Action and Mass Tort Practice is "just good business." They choose JAMS repeatedly because they know they will be working with dedicated, trustworthy, full-time neutrals who have proven track records and offer the highest level of skill in the ADR industry.

Practice Area Expertise

We have neutrals with extensive experience in virtually every practice area, including antitrust, banking, civil rights, consumer actions, employment, environmental/toxic tort, healthcare, insurance coverage, intellectual property, product liability/torts, pharmaceutical/medical devices, securities, and unfair business practices.

An Efficient Process

Convening the Case: Our neutrals consult with the courts and counsel at the outset of a case to structure a process that will increase the likelihood of resolution. JAMS neutrals are fully committed to understanding the nuances and intricacies of complicated matters and are expert in managing multiple parties so all voices are heard at the outset and throughout the process.

Ongoing case management and discovery management: Highly organized and supported by our expert case management team, JAMS neutrals convene scheduling hearings at the outset and develop mechanisms for maintaining constant and continued communication with the courts and counsel. JAMS neutrals are sophisticated in tightly managing the discovery process, including eDiscovery.

Post-settlement work: Post-settlement, JAMS neutrals allocate settlement proceeds among claimants. JAMS neutrals have experience in the design, implementation and management of such processes, ensuring that settlement dollars are allocated as fairly and efficiently as possible.

The JAMS Class Action and Mass Tort Practice offers the following services, among others:

Case Management Special Master

  • Appointment of Neutral(s)
  • Negotiation and adoption of final plan of allocation
  • Establishment and enforcement of deadlines
  • Elimination of invalid claims
  • Consistent application of allocation standards throughout the entire settlement process

Settlement Special Master

  • Selection of appropriate neutrals to adjudicate individual claims
  • Design of allocation matrix to evaluate and compensate claimants with or without a hearing
  • Adjudication of settlement-related motions, minors' compromises, multiple representation and related fee issues
  • Preservation of individual's rights of due process, including right of appeal

Oversight of Data Management and Payment

  • Development, distribution and collection of settlement questionnaires
  • Systematic application of core database
  • Establishment of audit procedures to eliminate invalid claims
  • Periodic reporting and analysis to designated counsel and parties
  • Prompt payment upon receipt of approved and properly executed releases