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Major Dispute Resolution Initiatives JAMS Foundation

JAMS Foundation

Major Dispute Resolution Initiatives

The JAMS Foundation will, on occasion, initiate and fund major projects in selected areas of dispute resolution education, training or services, based on its own assessment of current needs and available opportunities.

Current Initiatives

In response to the continuing series of high-profile incidents of social unrest and violence between police and community members nationwide, the Foundation is proudly supporting efforts to provide specialized mediation training to law enforcement personnel and to facilitate vital communication between government authorities and community stakeholders in order to address the sources of conflict before they can escalate into violence.

New York Peace Institute (New York, NY)

Police Training and Mediation Referral Initiative - This $380,000, three-year grant dramatically expands a highly successful mediation training for police officers throughout New York City, creating cadres of Neighborhood Coordination Officers specially trained to de-escalate and resolve conflict, and to foster, more positive relations with the people and communities they serve.  The project also creates a robust referral program to local mediation centers, national public awareness campaign and resources for extending the program to law enforcement agencies.

Ohio State University Moritz College of Law (Columbus, OH)

Divided Community Project - This $900,000, five-year grant supports an ambitious initiative to provide public officials and community leaders across the country with resources and technical support to avert civic unrest before it occurs and to respond constructively to violent social conflict that does erupt. 
The multi-faceted Project includes the active participation of experienced interveners, public officials, current and former chiefs of police, bar association representatives, community leaders, scholars and researchers nationwide.

Previously Funded Initiatives

Conflict Resolution Education in Teacher Education (CRETE)

Temple University/Educators for Social Responsibility/Creative Response to Conflict/Western Justice Center Foundation

A four-year, $600,000 grant to substantially increase the number of public school teachers provided conflict resolution education and training. In partnership with graduate level departments of education, school districts, and non-profit providers nationwide, this initiative provided conflict resolution training to pre-service and in-service teachers and administrators, as well as support services to build capacity, sustainability and a culture of conflict prevention and resolution in schools throughout the U.S.


JAMS Foundation

JAMS, the nation’s premier provider of commercial dispute resolution services, established the non-profit JAMS Foundation to provide financial assistance for conflict resolution initiatives with national and international impact and to share its dispute resolution experience and expertise for the benefit of the public interest.

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