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International Arbitration Fees

International Arbitration Fees

JAMS Mediation, Arbitration, ADR Services

International Arbitration Schedule of Fees and Costs


Hourly rate is set by the individual arbitrator(s). Please contact a JAMS case manager for more information.


For two-party matters, JAMS charges a $2,000 Filing fee, to be paid by the party initiating the Arbitration. JAMS also charges a $2,000 Filing Fee for counterclaims. For matters involving three or more parties, the Filing Fee is $3,500. A Case Management Fee of 13% will be assessed against all Professional Fees, including time spent for hearings, pre- and post-hearing reading and research and award preparation. 


  • For hearings of 1 day or less cancelled/continued 30 days or more prior to the hearing date: Fees are 100% REFUNDABLE except for any arbitrator time incurred
  • For hearings of 2 days or more cancelled/continued 60 days or more prior to the hearing date: Fees are 100% REFUNDABLE except for any arbitrator time incurred
  • For hearings of any length cancelled or continued inside the cancellation / continuance period: Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE

Fees are due within 72 hours of invoicing.

  • The cancellation/continuance policy is set by the individual arbitrator(s) and therefore may vary.
  • All fees are due and payable upon receipt of invoice; fees will be estimated and billed in advance.
  • JAMS will invoice for the fees of all arbitrators, whether or not such arbitrator is affiliated with JAMS.
  • Receipt of payment for all fees is required prior to delivery of an arbitration award.
  • Professional fees are non-refundable if time scheduled (or a portion thereof) is cancelled or continued within the cancellation period unless the arbitrator’s time can be rescheduled with another matter. JAMS cancellation policy exists because time reserved and later cancelled generally cannot be replaced. In all cases involving non-refundable time, the party causing the continuance or cancellation is responsible for the fees of all parties.
  • JAMS reserves the right to cancel a hearing if fees are not paid by all parties by the applicable cancellation date and JAMS confirms the cancellation in writing.
  • Parties that, through mutual agreement, have held their case in abeyance for one year will be assessed an annual abeyance fee of $500, and $500 every six months thereafter. If a party refuses to pay the assessed fee, the other party or parties may opt to pay the entire fee on behalf of all parties, otherwise the matter will be closed.
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