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Diversity and Inclusion JAMS Mediation, Arbitration and ADR Services

Diversity Hero

We Embrace Diversity

The concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect. It means appreciating that each individual is unique, and recognizes that with those differences come different strengths. It is about understanding each other and celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity contained within each individual. These can be along the dimensions of age, race, color, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, religious beliefs, or other ideologies.

The "business case for diversity" embraces the notion that in a global marketplace, a company should strive to employ a diverse workforce. At JAMS, we believe that diversity significantly enhances the quality of the services we provide our clients. We value and encourage diverse viewpoints and leverage them to guide our business.

Diversity at JAMS

At JAMS, diversity starts at the top with our Senior Management Team, comprised of both men and women who are from different generations and ethnically diverse backgrounds. It’s how we value our associates; solely on the basis of merit, competency, qualifications and overall work performance. Diversity is rooted in our policies and practices from our recruiting and selection process, to how we train, develop and promote our people.

JAMS associates are capable of assisting our clients in 15 different languages, and join our team as 40% persons of color and 75% female. JAMS “walks the talk”, and it is with this strong commitment to diversity that we are able to truly leverage diverse perspectives to maintain and grow our business throughout the U.S. and across the globe.

Furthermore, JAMS recognizes the importance of pursuing increased diversity among ADR practitioners. As an international leader in ADR, we are proud of our efforts to diversify our panel. Because of such efforts, we outpace The AmLaw 250 with an overall composition of 29% female and 9% persons of color among our distinguished panelists. JAMS will always believe in, and continue to embrace diversity simply because we know it makes us better.

Bringing More Diversity to ADR

We invite law firms, corporations, and legal organizations to partner with us in a collective effort to bring more diversity to ADR.

  • Consider women and ethnically diverse neutrals when evaluating your case and participating in the selection process
  • Track your firm’s neutral selection process to measure progress
  • Provide materials and resources to diverse professionals on preparing for a successful career in ADR
  • Encourage, as a corporate client, your outside counsel to consider diversity in their selection of ADR professionals

Diversity and Inclusion Arbitration Clause

Businesses increasingly recognize that diverse workforces produce better results, and many have robust initiatives to promote inclusivity in terms of gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation. Parties may choose to include diversity as a consideration when selecting an arbitrator or arbitration panel. The following clause, modeled after the Equal Representation in Arbitration pledge, attempts to promote diversity while recognizing that other qualifications are also important when selecting an arbitrator.

The below sample clause may be inserted into a contract to promote diversity in the selection of an arbitrator or arbitration panel. 

The parties agree that, wherever practicable, they will seek to appoint a fair representation of diverse arbitrators (considering gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation), and will request administering institutions to include a fair representation of diverse candidates on their rosters and list of potential arbitrator appointees.

If you are a law firm or corporation with comments or an interest in partnering with us on the subject of diversity in ADR, please contact Mark Smalls, JAMS Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, at 949.224.4602 or

Affinity Groups & Minority Organizations

JAMS is proud to be involved with local and national affinity groups and organizations including:


JAMS mediators and arbitrators successfully resolve cases ranging in size, industry and complexity, typically achieving results more efficiently and cost-effectively than through litigation. JAMS neutrals are skilled in all aspects of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including mediation, arbitration, special masters, discovery referees, project neutrals and dispute review boards.

Contact Information

If you would like information about our diverse panel, including women and minority neutrals, please contact Stacee Monaco at

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