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Diversity Fellowship Program

Diversity Fellowship Program

The Program

  • The Fellows Program is a 12 month program designed to offer the full breadth of the JAMS resources for emerging diverse alternative dispute resolution ( ADR) professionals.
  • The Fellows Program will provide training, mentorship, sponsorship, and networking opportunities to up and coming diverse ADR professionals.
  • The goal is to increase pipeline opportunities in dispute resolution and assist with diverse recruitment.

JAMS Diversity Fellowship Testimonials

Targeted Candidates

  • Litigators with at least 10 years of experience.
  • Academics with ADR background.
  • Industry-specific professionals.
  • Looking for candidates that would be panel ready in 2-5 years.
  • Looking for ADR practitioners motivated to build their practice.

Program Structure

  • Once accepted to the fellowship, the program will be built around the candidate’s availability and needs.
  • The fellows will attend a 3 day virtual training class
  • Expected duration – 12 months.
  • Fellows will be paired with a Mentor and Senior Advisor.
  • Fellows will be given mediation and arbitration shadowing opportunities.
  • At the completion of the program, fellows will be given a survey to provide program feedback.

Important Notice: During your 12-month participation within the JAMS Diversity Fellowship, should you, your company, or your firm participate in a pending JAMS arbitration or court reference matter, please immediately notify Joanne Saint Louis, Director of Diversity Outreach and Christina Benavides, Diversity Program Coordinator to ensure all proper steps are taken to maintain JAMS neutrality and meet any disclosure obligation.

Application Review Process

There will be a three-step review process. The applications will be reviewed by a committee made up of neutrals and associates. There is also an interview conducted with selected finalists.

Important Notice: To maintain JAMS neutrality, we cannot accept applicants where you, your company, or your law firm has a pending arbitration or court reference matter with JAMS.

Current JAMS Diversity Fellows: Class of 2022-2023

Eric Kendall Banks,
St. Louis

Erica Bristol,
Los Angeles

Bridget L. Halquist,
St. Louis

Jason Marsili,
Los Angeles

Maurice Q. Robinson,
New York

Asha Smith,
New York

Michael Zuckerman,
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