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[PODCAST] Hon. Rebecca Westerfield (Ret.) Featured on Cooper’s Code Podcast

JAMS neutral sits down with Miles Cooper of Coopers LLP for a discussion around the law, the women’s rights movement and ADR

Former Kentucky Circuit Court Judge Rebecca Westerfield recently appeared on an episode of “Cooper’s Code” hosted by Miles Cooper. In the episode, Judge Westerfield reflects on her career trajectory and how her early experiences attending political events with her father helped show her the importance of legislation and the social change it creates. It’s what spurred her to pursue a career in law and later become involved in the feminist movement and the creation of the National Women’s Political Caucus. Judge Westerfield also discusses the importance of understanding that alternative dispute resolution is just that—an alternative—and is beneficial only if the judiciary itself is independent.

Judge Westerfield goes on to emphasize that the judicial branch should focus less on highly controversial things. Lastly, she touches on the importance of curiosity in the dispute resolution process and how it can act as the antidote when a mediator might be moving into judgment. She references her recent work in Poland helping 40 Polish judges and 16 Ukrainian judges to maintain an independent judiciary and ensure it can provide a space where people feel heard.

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