Anthony (Tony) Canham

Anthony (Tony) Canham, CEng, FCIArb

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Burton King
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Tony Canham is a Chartered Civil Engineer by primary profession and spent 20 years managing major construction projects in England, in the Seychelles, and in South Africa. In 1976 he formed a firm of Consulting Engineers in the UK. He has over 40 years of experience in the construction industry in both contracting and consulting, including construction work with motorways, trunk roads, tunnels, railway work, reinforced concrete and steel framed buildings, piling, deep basements, high-rise buildings, slip form, multi-storey car parks, building construction hotels, flats, offices, hospital, training colleges, aircraft hangars, industrial buildings, housing, precast concrete construction, trunk sewers, district studies for planning infrastructure, remedial underpinning, and flooding studies.

He has been an arbitrator since 1977 and has had a full time arbitration practice since 1999. He has had over 250 arbitration appointments and has been conducting international arbitrations since 2000. Tony is often appointed by a party that is concerned to ensure that highly complicated engineering evidence is properly understood by the Tribunal or he is appointed as Chairman by experienced party-appointed lawyer arbitrators who will be assisted by his engineering knowledge and his inherent skills of managing the arbitration process fairly without undue delay or unnecessary cost.

ADR Experience

Mr. Canham is a member of the JAMS Global Engineering and Construction Group, and a panellist for the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Institution of Civil Engineers, Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre, Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration, and Dubai International Arbitration Centre. He is also an advisor to the Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration Lagos Nigeria.

As an international arbitrator, Mr. Canham's appointments in construction, oil and gas, and capital plant disputes have included:

  • ICC-appointed Chairman of Arbitration Tribunal Asia
  • ICC party-appointed arbitrator six times in Middle East and Asia, ICC appointed as sole arbitrator Middle East and in Africa
  • DIAC twice appointed Chairman of Arbitration Tribunal Middle East
  • LCIA-appointed Chairman of Arbitration Tribunal Middle East
  • Chairman of Arbitration Tribunal Europe
  • Bermuda Government-appointed arbitrator in three-person Arbitration Tribunal
  • Tribunal-appointed expert assessor in Asia and Middle East
  • DAB member, Middle East

Representative Matters

  • Party-appointed arbitrator in three-man tribunal, motorway and bridges, Bahrain
  • Chairman of three-man tribunal, DIAC Rules, delay and cost, Dubai
  • Chairman of three-man tribunal, LCIA, non-payment for design, Dubai
  • Party-appointed arbitrator in ad hoc three-man tribunal, termination of design and build for gas plant in Yemen, seat in London
  • Party-appointed arbitrator in three-man ICC tribunal, offshore gas pipeline termination and delay, Qatar
  • Party-appointed arbitrator in three-man ICC tribunal, offshore oil pipeline termination, delay, and costs, Arabian Gulf
  • Chairman of three-man tribunal, CPR Rules, major gas plant rejected for cause, Turkey
  • Government of Bermuda-appointed arbitrator to three-man tribunal, major building project, Bermuda
  • Claimant-appointed arbitrator in ICC three-man tribunal, Taiwan High Speed Railway, delay and costs, London
  • Sole arbitrator, building delays and cost, United Kingdom
  • Sole arbitrator, statutory arbitration flooding, United Kingdom
  • Sole arbitrator, geotechnical design errors, United Kingdom
  • One of two arbitrators, defence project secure hangars, France
  • Sole arbitrator, building design error, Dubai
  • Party-appointed arbitrator, ICC Rules, civil engineering, Italy
  • Arbitral tribunal, ICC Rules, design and build, hotel, Dubai
  • Sole arbitrator, trunk road delay, United Kingdom
  • Sole arbitrator, water plant M & E, United Kingdom
  • Completed Virtual ADR training conducted by the JAMS Institute, the training arm of JAMS
  • Past President, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
  • President, Society of Construction Arbitrators, 2010 and current
  • Past Deputy Chairman, The Academy of Experts
  • Fellow, The Academy of Experts
  • Chartered Engineer-Fellow, Institution of Civil Engineers, United Kingdom
  • Member, Institute of Highways and Transportation, United Kingdom
  • Chief Assessor/Course Director, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators at admission examination and assessment for Fellowship level membership for some 25 years throughout UK, USA, Hong Kong, Africa, Ireland, and Bermuda
  • Mediation Trainer, The Academy of Experts, UK, Hong Kong, and Caribbean States
  • Chaired CPR Seminar, Introduction to International Arbitration Course, for experienced AAA arbitrators, New York
  • Full time Dispute Resolution, 1999-present
  • Consultant, Canham Consulting Ltd., 2000-present
  • Private practice, Canham Thomas Partnership, Consulting civil and structural engineers, including expert witness work and dispute resolution as arbitrator, mediator, and adjudicator, 1976-1999
  • Construction Manager, Contracting in South Africa, Concor Construction, 1974-1976
  • Engineer/Acting Project Engineer, Motorway M23, Travers Morgan Consulting, 1964-1965
  • Trainee Engineer to Managing Director of subsidiary W & C French Ltd., 1957-1973 (later French Kier, contracting, UK and Seychelles, 1965-1974)



Practice Areas

  • Construction
  • Engineering and Construction
Available worldwide


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