Rosalyn Chapman

Hon. Rosalyn Chapman (Ret.)

JAMS Mediator, Arbitrator, Referee/Special Master, Neutral Evaluator

Case Manager
Kemi Oyemade
T: 213-253-9784
F: 213-620-0100
555 West 5th St., 32nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90013


Judge Chapman (Ret.) served for five years as a part-time judge on the United Nations Appeals Tribunal.   She was the only American judge on the seven-person tribunal, serving with civil law and common law judges from six other countries. The Appeals Tribunal is the second and final tier for the administration of justice system available to staff members of the United Nations, related funds and programs, and other international nongovernmental organizations.  It hears appeals of complex issues of international administrative law, employment and labor law, and human rights law, as applied to the diverse, multi-cultural United Nations. 

Judge Chapman is a neutral for the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

Prior to joining JAMS, Judge Chapman served for sixteen years as Magistrate Judge of the  U.S. District Court for the Central District of California (the greater Los Angeles area), and on recall to the District Court for the Northern District of California (San Francisco and San Jose). She had considerable international dispute resolution experience in complex business litigation involving domestic and foreign corporations, intellectual property matters (trademark, trade secrets, copyright, and patent), and interpreting  treaty provisions in the context of extradition proceedings and prisoner exchanges.

Representative Matters
  • Sexual abuse claims by amateur athletes against team members
  • Civil RICO action by foreign state against former official for embezzlement of funds and money laundering
  • Insurance carriers’ action for indemnification and recall expenses against international food processing company
  • Insurance coverage action under English law against foreign insurance carrier
  • Actions for unfair business practices against domestic and international corporations
  • Breach of contract actions between and against domestic and international corporations  
  • Misappropriation of trade secrets matters between and against domestic and international corporations
  • Breach of contract actions related to construction and waste management industries
  • Breach of employment contract and wrongful termination actions
  • Breach of insurance contract claim against life insurance company
  • Action by cargo co-signee against international ocean carrier
  • Investors’ securities fraud class action against pharmaceutical company and individual officers
  • Shipper’s action against land carrier for breach of contract
  • Investors’ bond fraud litigation
  • Real property investors’ action against former attorney for fraud
  • Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) actions
  • Insurance coverage action  by commercial general liability insurance carrier regarding  exclusion for employment-related practices
  • Employment discrimination actions in airlines, telecommunications, hotel, and other industries
  • Numerous wage and hour class actions
  • Real property investors’ action against former attorney for fraud
  • Action challenging use of foreign tax credits by American employed by international organization
  • Actions challenging refusal of international organization to change employees’ status from short-term to permanent
  • Numerous actions by international civil servants challenging promotional examination procedures and failure to promote
  • Numerous actions by international civil servants challenging poor performance evaluations
  • Pension actions by employees of international organization, or their families
  • Counterfeiting actions involving software products, cigarettes, and handbags
  • Copyright infringement actions in fashion, entertainment, publication, and telecommunications (Internet) industries
  • Copyright and trade dress infringement action in jewelry industry
  • Copyright and trademark infringement action in adult entertainment industry
  • Action for trademark infringement and merchandising rights in entertainment industry
  • Trademark and trade dress infringement action in retail sales industry
  • Trademark infringement, false designation of origin, unfair competition, and dilution action in hair products industry
  • Patent infringement claims in automobile accessory industry, global positioning systems industry, lighting industry, window shades industry
  • Special Master to calculate damages for victims of terrorist attack under FSIA action in federal court against foreign country
Completed Virtual ADR training conducted by the JAMS Institute, the training arm of JAMS. 

  • Memberships & Professional Activities
    • Member, arbitration panel of Japan Commercial Arbitration Association 
    • Member, arbitration panel of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)
    • Member, arbitration panel of United States Center for SafeSport
    • Member, International Association of Women Judges, 2006-present
    • Board of Directors, Federal Magistrate Judges Association, 2008-2010
    • Advisory Group of Magistrate Judges, Administrative Office of United States Courts, 2000-2006
    • Board Member, Federal Bar Association (Los Angeles Chapter), 2002-2005
    • Executive Committee & Board of Directors, Boalt Hall School of Law Alumni Association, 1993-1997
  • ADR Profiles
  • Judge, United Nations Appeals Tribunal, 2012-2017
  • United States Magistrate Judge, United States District Court, Central District of California, 1995-2012
  • Administrative Law Judge, Office of Administrative Hearings, State of California, 1977-1995
  • Labor Arbitrator Certificate, Institute of Industrial Relations, University of California at Los Angeles,1979
  • Lecturer, School of Law, University of California at Los Angeles, 1972-1973
  • Public Interest Lawyer, 1967-1972, 1973-1977
  • J.D., University of California, Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall)
  • B.A. cum laude, University of Michigan

Counsel Comments

    • "You did a terrific job bringing peace to our valley."

      - Litigation Partner
    • “[Judge Chapman is] an EXCELLENT mediator…. [She works] extremely hard, [is] wise, tough when it's called for, super smart and knowledgeable and [has] some fun in [her] too! [She did a] great job in accomplishing what we thought would never happen this week!”

      – Principal at Business Litigation Firm
    • "[Judge Chapman] really grabbed the parties' attention, and we walked out with a term sheet that day, which was unexpected and I think quite an achievement for the mediator.... She knows how to identify those aspects of your case that you need to evaluate most closely, that offer you the most unpredictability. And that's what makes people move."

      – Litigation Partner
    • "I think [Judge Chapman] must have worked some magic behind the scenes so to speak. I can't fully explain how she did it; I just know she got it done.... I don't believe in luck or coincidence, but I do believe in experience."

      – Intellectual Property Litigation Partner
    • "It wasn't your typical mediation where you're fighting over money all day; it was ... more complex. [Judge Chapman] was tireless and just worked really hard to get us to a point where we could both walk away."

      – Litigation Associate
    • "[Judge Chapman] tends to have a little more weight than your typical mediator. She adds value. ... She just kind of gives you the information she needs to give you so you can make a good decision."

      – Principal in Business Law Firm
    • [Judge Chapman] resolved both of [my cases] very shortly after the mediation. The follow-up is, at least in my mind, one of her strengths."

      – Principal in Small Firm
    • “We appreciate [Judge Chapman’s] diligence, thoughtful opinions, well-reasoned decisions and tireless work. We would highly recommend  [her] as an arbitrator in future matters.”
      – Litigation Partner



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