Jerry Grissom

Jerry Grissom, Esq.

JAMS Mediator and Arbitrator

Case Manager
Judy Stephenson
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Jerry Grissom is available to conduct cases virtually. JAMS is equipped to provide virtual ADR services on a variety of online platforms, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and more.


Jerry Grissom has extensive experience in resolving complex intellectual property disputes through mediation and arbitration.

Mr. Grissom has mediated and arbitrated the resolution of hundreds of disputes in 20 states, in a broad range of subjects, size, and complexity. He brings to each case the know-how for resolving disputes acquired from 12 years of experience as a full-time neutral and 20 years of business and tort litigation practice with a respected Dallas law firm. A tenacious but gracious advocate for settlement, he is recognized as a “go to” mediator for the difficult case. Fair and independent, Mr. Grissom is frequently selected as sole arbitrator and on arbitration panels as member and chair. Parties and counsel alike have expressed high levels of satisfaction with his capable management of ADR proceedings.

Mr. Grissom is an elected Fellow of the College of Commercial Arbitrators and a member of CPR’s Distinguished Panel of Neutrals.

Representative Matters

    Breach of confidentiality agreement / Theft of trade secrets
    • Claim by potential seller of private advertising business worth millions against potential buyer for breach of confidentiality agreement, theft of trade secrets and lost profits after buyer did not close buy/sell agreement and set up competing business on same model with key employees of the potential seller
    • Claim by chemical products manufacturer against new company that sold product with identical chemical formula designed by former employee of original manufacturer for theft of trade secrets and lost profits on long-term product with history of high sales
    • Claim by national provider of professional medical services against former employee / physician who left to work for a competitor and allegedly took trade secrets, intellectual property and proprietary information, research, and customer lists with him for damages and injunctive relief
    Breach of contract for use of design concepts jointly developed
    • Dispute between manufacturer and contract design consultant involving competing claims of breach of contract and entitlement to intellectual property rights for design concept (on which they collaborated) relating to use of profitable innovations in one product group for other applications
    • Claim by national designer for infringement of copyrighted artistic design for eyeglass frames against seller and distributors of allegedly infringing frames
    • Dispute involving issues of licensing, unauthorized use, and copying of gaming software
    • Cabinet/furniture manufacturer claim for infringement of copyright for decorative designs
    Franchise: unfair competition with franchisees by direct online marketing
    • Dispute between national franchisor and a nationwide group of leading franchisees including a key issue involving the franchiser’s development and distribution of software marketed online to the public in alleged violation of its commitments not to compete with its own franchisees in their territories, as well as licensing and other related issues
    • Dispute involving ownership of the rights to use valuable financial planning software developed by two partners who began a financial services company together and developed a multi-million dollar business and could not agree whether to sell or expand it
    • Disputes involving use of software developed to print artwork and design in alleged violation of fiduciary duty and non-compete agreement (one case involved clothing and custom t-shirts; another involved Southwest art designs)
    • Dispute involving 45 distinct contract and technical issues of software design for innovative interactive web site for new insurance product, with different levels of secure access to information, and protection of privacy and confidentiality concerns, as well as numerous functionality issues
    • Claim by an Internet Service Provider for interference with contractual relations, based in part on software programming issues
    • Dispute involving joint project to develop hardware key and software for confidential transmission of date over Internet; claims for fraud re: efficacy of prototype and failure to promote product
    • Dispute between cable operator and broadcast stations concerning retransmission consent agreement
    • Trademark dispute over long established use of family name and mark in competing jewelry businesses
    • Trademark and artwork design dispute involving millions in sales of jewelry, lamps, and sculpture with Southwest motif
    • Dispute involving venture to create new cosmetic line regarding ownership of trademark and claimed breaches of contract for failure to fund and to market the new product
    • Patent royalty dispute between provider of messaging software and national telephone service company
    • Dispute involving license agreement for airline reservations scheduling software with claims of breach of contract and wrongful interference with contract relations
    • Contract claims between two companies who agreed to develop aviation software and enter aviation industry together, with each seeking damages from breach and termination of contract by the other, and rights to ownership of the software that had been developed
    • Dispute involving development of project management software, sold as a business asset, with questions of its viability, currency, and compatibility with Windows operating system, underlying breach of warranty and contract and misrepresentation claims
    • Telecommunications dispute involving dealer’s claim that national wireless telephone provider destroyed dealer’s business through unfair and unreasonable practices and program changes
    • Dispute involving installation of customized accounting and health management software for hospital system, and claims that software was not completed timely and did not work as expected
    • Contract dispute between provider of check expediting software and bank over license and claimed software deficiencies
    • Dispute between two competitors in manufacturing and servicing power generation equipment involving claims of misappropriation of confidential, proprietary trade secret information, interference with contract relationships, and unfair competition and counterclaims of antitrust violations, predatory pricing, discrimination, and interference
    • Dispute involving competing claims of breach of contract and disputed intellectual property rights to design concept between manufacturer and its contract design consultant
Completed Virtual ADR training conducted by the JAMS Institute, the training arm of JAMS. 

  • Elected Fellow, College of Commercial Arbitrators; Texas Board of Law Examiners; Fellow, Texas & Dallas Bar Foundations; Chair, Dallas Bar Committees; Adjunct faculty, SMU Law School; Mentor, UNT Dallas College of Law; Board of Directors, KERA Channel13 (PBS)
  • Trial Lawyer, Thompson & Knight, 1977-1997
  • J.D., with honors, Harvard Law School, 1976
  • B.A., with highest honors, Baylor University, 1973




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