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Meet the 2011-2012 Class of Weinstein International Fellows: Andrew Lee

The Weinstein International Fellowship program is an opportunity for fellows from around the world to come to the United States to pursue a project of their own design that serves to advance dispute resolution in their home countries. This year, 13 men and women from across the globe were granted fellowships to come to the U.S. and study ADR.

We asked each of the fellows some questions to learn more about their past experience and their future goals. Following is that exchange with one of our Chinese Fellows, Andrew Lee.

Mr. Lee is the Founder and President of the Leading Negotiation Institute in China, which aims to promote negotiation, mediation and ADR in China.

Tell us about yourself.

I was born in Australia and hold a law degree from the University of Sydney and a Psychology degree from the University of Adelaide. I’m also completing a Masters in Chinese Law from Peking University. I’ve done a number of trainings in negotiation across China, Singapore and the United States. I also lecture at Peking University Law School and specialize in intercultural business negotiations. I was just appointed as the internal mediator for the World Bank covering the region of Asia, predominantly Greater China.

Tell us about the Leading Negotiation Institute.

The Institute has worked with universities to promote opportunities for students and faculty to study ADR. It has also developed a negotiation program at Peking University and other University law schools in China.  A key part of my Fellowship will be to identify U.S.-based ADR centers and institutions interested in partnering with Chinese counterparts to develop ADR in China and also learn about ADR from China.

What will you do while you’re in the United States?

While in the United States, I will be a visiting scholar at the Stanford University Gould Center for Conflict Resolution Program.  I want my Fellowship to be a true cross-cultural exchange of knowledge regarding ADR methods and I also intend to present on topics, including: 1) Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Negotiator – how and why Chinese characters related to ADR are written as they are; 2) The Chinese Tea Ceremony tradition; 3) Mediation, Philosophy and Calligraphy; 4) Development of the Rule of Law in China; 5) Dispute Resolution in China – from Emperors to Arbitrators; and 6) Negotiation Pedagogy in China.

Mr. Lee will be in the San Francisco area through December 2011.

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