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JAMS ADR Insights

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Welcome to the JAMS ADR Blog

Why a blog on Alternative Dispute Resolution?

  • With more mainstream conversations and usage of mediation and arbitration, ADR has moved into the forefront of the legal world.
  • We can engage directly with attorneys, partners and prospective clients by discussing ADR in ways that we haven’t done before.
  • Many of our clients are not only blogging, but they have come to depend on blogs to remain current and up-to-date on legal news and developments.
  • We were an innovator when JAMS was created to provide ADR services, so it’s only natural to expect us to be a leader in the use of social media.
Launching a blog allows us to connect with not just our clients and colleagues, but the rest of the ADR community. Since it’s our duty to remain knowledgeable and aware of legal developments in mediation and arbitration, we can share that insight with those around us. Our aim is to be a resource and provider of news and information useful to attorneys, colleagues and those interested in ADR.

Some of the topics we intend to write about include trends and issues in ADR; worldwide conflict resolution and organizations supporting ADR development; discussions about legal processes affecting ADR; articles from specific practice areas; and more.

We hope you’ll find this blog interesting, informative, and most of all, we hope you’ll visit again.

Hello and welcome. We’re excited to begin.

This page is for general information purposes. JAMS makes no representations or warranties regarding its accuracy or completeness. Interested persons should conduct their own research regarding information on this website before deciding to use JAMS, including investigation and research of JAMS neutrals. See More

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