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New Mobile App, Picture It Settled, Helps Neutrals Settle

As ADR continues to keep up with the times, San Antonio-based attorney and mediator Donald Philbin recently launched a mobile app designed to aid neutrals and negotiators in determining the likelihood of settlement.

Called Picture it Settled, the mobile app works by tracking the history of offers and their timeframes, then based on that history and a broader history of negotiations from a large number of cases, projects out the likely trajectory of negotiations and where the parties offers may intersect and lead to a settlement.

To ease use, the app projects the offers and timeframe in graph form that allows negotiators, parties and neutrals to see where and when the diverging offers meet. This information allows parties to make future offers based on prior decisions or moves by an opposing party.

In addition, the mobile app allows an individual to track multiple negotiations in a single, accessible format.

So far reviews are few, but mostly positive. It will be interesting to see how this app is used over time among ADR professionals.

To learn more about Picture it Settled, click here.

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