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Alternative Dispute Resolution Mediation

The New Chair for Mediation?

Here’s a new approach on the best way to get parties together. Take a look at the new design from Dutch furniture designer Peter Sas.

According to Mr. Sas, sitting always serves a particular purpose. He designed this chair in which three people can take a seat and resolve a conflict. The visual result: a tête à tête in mirror image.

In an interview with Annemarie van der Weert in the Living section of the Telegraaf newspaper, Mr. Sas said:

“The chair is highly functional, and clearly designed with [Dutch designer Gerrit Thomas] Rietveld’s archetype in mind. The way you in which you sit is also really important. You always sit constrained in a group discussion. The chair, because of its zigzag construction, forces you to always look straight ahead and you can always get up and walk away. That gives the feeling of freedom.”

The ideal spot to use this: “Places where conflicts need to be resolved, the court house, or a human resources department. If there are disagreements, those concerned can set down together with an intermediary and try to solve the problem. That will save a lot of money and fuss!”

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