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JAMS Heads to Chicago for the ABA DR Section 15th Annual Spring Conference

JAMS is proud to participate in and sponsor the 15th annual ABA Dispute Resolution Section Spring conference starting April 3 in Chicago. The conference is the meeting place for dispute resolution leaders, mediators, arbitrators, neutral providers and scholars. Presenters and attendees have diverse backgrounds including academics, advocates, court administrators, corporate users, as well as dispute resolvers. Many of our neutrals and members of senior management will join panel discussions and lead presentations. Participating panelists include Mercedes Armas Bach, Richard Chernick, Esq., Linda DeBene, Esq., William E. Hartgering, Esq., Marvin E. Johnson, Esq., Harvey J. Kirsh, Esq., Hon. Richard A. Levie (Ret.), Michael K. Lewis, Esq., Barbara A. Reeves Neal, Esq., Hon. Julia M. Nowicki (Ret.), Juan Ramirez, Jr., R. Wayne Thorpe, Esq., Hon. Ricardo M. Urbina (Ret.).

Following are just some of the conference session highlights. Please visit the JAMS Events Page for more information about JAMS presenters and their sessions.

  • Arbitration Ethics: Practical (and Ethical) Solutions to Real Problems This program features three experts who deal with ethical issues on a day to day basis for three major arbitration organizations, AAA, CPR and JAMS, who will discuss the ethical, and practical, guidelines they use to navigate successfully through these issues to solutions.
    • Sheri Eisner, JAMS
    • Eric Tuchmann, American Arbitration Association
    • Helena Erickson, CPR
  • The Present and Future of ADR  This moderated panel will discuss developments and trends in domestic and international ADR. Leaders in dispute resolution including the American Arbitration Association and JAMS will discuss the topics and themes around what is happening today in dispute resolution.
    • Deborah Masucci, Chartis
    • India Johnson, American Arbitration Association
    • Chris Poole, JAMS
  • Mediator Ethical Guidance Committee Update  Members of the Mediator Ethical Guidance Committee will present various scenarios that have been considered by the Committee, and the process by which the scenarios are evaluated and opinions issued. We will discuss the kinds of topics that come before the Committee in prior scenarios and more recent issues of interest in the mediation community, presented in a Q&A format. 
    • Kimberly Taylor, JAMS
  • International Committee Workshop: A Window into the Future: Adding Mediation to the Process Choices in Global Investment Disputes Much of the discussion will be dedicated to the theme of investment treaty arbitration: why and how mediation could be integrated into such processes. 
    • Lorraine Brennan, JAMS International Managing Director
    • Jeremy Lack, JAMS International panelist


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