JAMS Publishes Inaugural Employment Newsletter: Employment Matters


Published May 8, 2015

JAMS is proud to announce the first issue of the new JAMS Employment Practice eNewsletter: Employment Matters.  The newsletter aims to share the JAMS employment expertise and to create dialogue on issues that are timely and important.

In this issue, Judge Cardenas takes on “honest belief” doctrine and employees with second jobs in the context of FMLA leave. Mr. Grossman tells us about new protections for unpaid interns in California, joining nationwide voices questioning the long-term viability of internship programs.

Judge Jacobs-May and Maria Walsh, Esq. remind us in two articles that the process is just as important as substantive legal issues. Judge Jacobs-May shows that procedural fairness can obviate emotional triggers that prevent meaningful resolution of disputes. Similarly, Ms. Walsh describes how interactive processes to explore reasonable accommodations for pregnant employees can stop litigation before it starts.


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