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JAMS is Reimagining ADR with Expansion and Innovation

This year, JAMS is celebrating a milestone.  A 40 year milestone. JAMS founder Judge Warren Knight led the way by pioneering commercial mediation in 1979 and since that time, JAMS has played an active role in the evolution of ADR. As JAMS has proactively grown to meet the needs of the industry and capitalize on major changes, we have pushed our business forward and challenged competitors to do the same.

As ADR has grown in acceptance, JAMS has grown apace with 28 offices, including outposts in Canada and the U.K.  We are always looking to meet demands in markets of all sizes. Recently, we’ve relocated the JAMS Orange Resolution Center to Irvine, California and we’ve expanded our New York Resolution Center by 50 percent. JAMS has also expanded its Midwest presence with the recent opening of our St. Louis Resolution Center, featuring three distinguished local ADR professionals. In May, we’ll be ready to open the doors of our JAMS International Arbitration Centers in New York and Los Angeles to provide accessible, comfortable venues for international arbitration proceedings.

As the company celebrates its 40th anniversary, the JAMS family of neutrals and associates understands and appreciates this milestone and what it represents. It represents a strong foundation. It represents where the company is now—growing, expanding and innovating. It represents the future evolution of JAMS and the reimagining of ADR.

To read more about how JAMS is expanding and helping resolve disputes around the world, see an interview with The Daily Journal.

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