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JAMS Access: Bringing Case Management Online

Following the recent launch of JAMS Access, the Daily Journal explored the role that JAMS Access will play in case management.

In the increasingly interconnected legal world—particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic—the ability to manage cases efficiently and securely online is critical to effective dispute resolution. JAMS believes it is part of our responsibility as a leader in the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) industry to ensure that our clients have the tools to do this, so we created JAMS Access, an online case management portal that can be accessed 24/7 by the attorneys, neutrals and other parties using JAMS’ ADR services. 

Launched on August 18, JAMS Access was engineered with a user-friendly interface that can be accessed via internet-connected laptops, smartphones and tablets. Providing a platform that could centralize several functions—including filing case documents, sending emails and paying invoices—securely and conveniently was a top priority during development.  

JAMS Access could not have arrived at a better time, when legal and ADR professionals are adjusting to remote work and are more reliant than ever on online systems. Chris Poole, JAMS president and CEO, connected with Kamila Knaudt of the Daily Journal to discuss the launch of this platform and the role it plays in reinforcing our commitment to superior client service.

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