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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Update from JAMS Diversity Committee Chair – Diversity Matters

As an organization, JAMS is committed to transparency regarding the actions we are taking to promote diversity, equity and inclusion.  As the chair of the JAMS Diversity Committee, I take that commitment to heart and want to be sure that our communication is clear and consistent. JAMS recently formed a CEO Task Force on Diversity that has been steadfast in working together to develop actionable recommendations to make our organization an even more diverse, equitable and inclusive company and to combat discrimination in all of its forms.

A few weeks ago, JAMS president and CEO, Chris Poole, posted an update on the JAMS website and I am sharing that message with you below.  It is a reminder that important conversations are ongoing here at JAMS and we will continue to provide updates on our progress. It matters to JAMS and it matters to me.

LINKSpecial Communication from Chris Poole, JAMS President & CEO

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