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Hon. Keith Davis (Ret.) and Karla Adams Discuss Their Experiences Working With JAMS, Highlight New Inland Empire Resolution Center

Judge Davis, who joined in November 2020, reflects on his career transition, while Karla celebrates over 35 years with JAMS

I am one of the many JAMS associates who has enjoyed a long tenure with the company, and I've witnessed the organization's incredible growth over the years. What I've found to be quite moving are the personal stories from our associates and neutrals, who are the company's backbone. I'm thrilled to share one of these rewarding stories with you.

In this video, Judge Davis discusses how his firsthand experience with the power of dispute resolution inspired his move to JAMS in November 2020. Now, he's pleased to be working once again with Karla Adams, assistant manager, facilities and administration, whom he credits with coordinating every detail and providing a great deal of support when he worked with JAMS earlier in his career. Karla, who is celebrating a milestone anniversary with JAMS this year, explains how much JAMS has evolved since she joined in 1985 and discusses how the new, conveniently located Inland Empire Resolution Center will enhance service for clients in the Southern California region. She also highlights how JAMS will continue its commitment to client service by offering in-person, virtual, and hybrid hearings.

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