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Q&A With Hon. Thomas J. Rueter (Ret.)

I was born in Philadelphia, one of nine children, and graduated from law school in 1980. My first job was as a law clerk for a U.S. district court judge, and I spent two years there because I was assigned to a complex antitrust case. I then went to a large commercial litigation law firm in Philadelphia before I was appointed as an assistant United States attorney in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, where I was then made chief of narcotics. I was asked to go to Washington, D.C., for an assignment with the Department of Justice’s community-based social program, called Weed and Seed, with the goal of helping “weed out” violent crime and drug abuse while “seeding” the area with services like intervention, treatment and neighborhood revitalization. I was then appointed as a U.S. magistrate judge for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

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