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Christopher Keele, Esq., Featured in American Bar Association’s Resolutions Podcast: An ADR Journal – Transformation from Zealous Advocate to Impartial Neutral

JAMS neutral, Christopher Keele, Esq., joins host Dr. Larry Schooler for an episode of the American Bar Association’s Resolutions podcast, discussing his career and pivotal moments that shaped his law practice and his transition to ADR

In this podcast, JAMS neutral, Christopher Keele, Esq., joins American Bar Association’s Resolutions podcast host, Dr. Larry Schooler, to discuss his career trajectory from zealous advocate in the courtroom to steadfast neutral in the mediation and arbitration room. Mr. Keele reflects on early courtroom experiences that influenced his career in law and helped shape his decision to pursue alternative dispute resolution. He discusses applying legal processes to dispute resolution, the skill sets that apply to both career paths, and how his career transition, training and joining JAMS has presented new and rewarding opportunities.

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