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Hon. Nancy Wieben Stock (Ret.) Featured in The Portia Project Podcast

JAMS neutral Hon. Nancy Wieben Stock (Ret.) discusses career trajectory, work within ADR and advice for rising legal professionals

JAMS neutral Hon. Nancy Wieben Stock (Ret.) was recently featured in an episode of The Portia Project, which chronicles the careers of women judges and lawyers. In this episode, Judge Wieben Stock talks with podcast host, appellate attorney M.C. Sungaila, about her journey from serving as a judge on the Orange County Superior Court to her current role as a neutral at JAMS. Beyond discussing her career trajectory, Judge Wieben Stock discusses how the COVID-19 has altered the dispute resolution landscape and the preference for virtual mediations. The conversation concludes with a reflection on the skills that make for a strong legal professional and Judge Wieben Stock’s advice for those looking to serve on the bench.

Full Podcast:

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