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A California Conversation With Kim Taylor

JAMS' president featured on CalArb’s monthly podcast on California arbitration

I recently interviewed JAMS President Kim Taylor as part of California Conversations, a monthly podcast from California Arbitration, commonly known as CalArb. Since its founding in 2001, CalArb has become the voice of the California international arbitration community. The organization works with businesses, including corporate counsel and outside lawyers, to promote the benefits of international arbitration and mediation. CalArb also cosponsors California International Arbitration Week with the California Lawyers Association, and in March 2023, it completed a second, highly successful week of programs, attended by over 1,000 participants from around the globe.

As a key figure in the development of JAMS’ international arbitration practice, Kim Taylor has seen the expansion of cross-border commercial arbitration in California firsthand, and she shared her experiences in this interview. Her comments presage the continued expansion of international commercial arbitration as a preferred approach to dispute resolution.

California Conversations, Episode 3:

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