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“My Story” Featuring Lisa Love

A video snapshot of JAMS mediator, arbitrator and neutral evaluator Lisa Love

Lisa Love's journey into the legal world began during her formative years. Her passion led her to intern at the Securities and Exchange Commission during her tenure at Georgetown Law School. After her academic endeavors, she secured a position in the corporate department at Rosenman & Colin, now known as Katten Muchin Rosenman. Here, Lisa honed her skills, specializing in corporate finance, M&A, securities, equity transactions and real estate syndication.

Transition to Municipal Law

Leaving the corporate sphere, Lisa ventured into public service. She became a city attorney for a municipality in New Jersey. In a testament to her legal prowess and leadership skills, she at one point served as chief legal counsel to two municipalities in the state.

A New Chapter in Dispute Resolution

Building upon her diverse legal background, Lisa evolved into a mediator and arbitrator for complex legal disputes. Her exceptional skills and dedication led her to her current role at JAMS, where she focuses on complex commercial transactions on both domestic and international fronts.

The Power of Mentorship

Lisa attributes a significant part of her success to mentors and sponsors she's encountered throughout her career. These individuals provided invaluable advice and guidance. Lisa fondly recalls two standout pieces of advice:

  1. It takes time to become a professional. Commit yourself to the process, network and establish a robust professional presence.
  2. Specialize. Dedicate yourself to mastering the skills required to excel as an arbitrator and mediator.

Advocating for Diversity in ADR

Lisa believes that professionals in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can bolster diversity, equity and inclusion by mentoring, sponsoring and introducing diverse professionals to decision-makers, as well as advocating for diverse panels.

Lisa is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and plays an instrumental role in the institute's Professional Conduct Committee. She also co-directs the Women in Dispute Resolution Section at the American Bar Association and holds significant positions in the National Bar Association's Women Lawyers Division. However, Lisa’s involvement in these organizations isn't merely for professional growth.

"While involvement in multiple organizations might seem overwhelming to some, my participation in all of these organizations has not only been beneficial for my career, but it has allowed me to participate in my community,” Lisa remarks. “Providing scholarships for young women entering the legal profession has been particularly rewarding.”

Words of Wisdom

Lisa’s words of wisdom for those following a similar path are to "aim high, persevere and work hard." Highlighting the nuances of mediation, she believes that while subject matter expertise is important, the ability to understand various interests is equally vital. One of her notable strengths is her empathy, the capacity to "walk in someone else's shoes" to truly comprehend their perspective.

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