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Empowering Leadership and the Importance of Conflict Resolution Skills in Management

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If only leadership were one-size-fits-all. The truth is, there is no cookie cutter-methodology to effective, empowering and essential leadership qualities. Yet effective conflict management strategies are often recognized in retrospect, guiding us to reverse-engineer our paths to success. So, as goals change, so must the leadership strategy designed to move an organization in the desired direction. Here, we’ll explore three leadership keys that are applicable to both an organization and its people.

First, culture should be a top-down phenomenon. My experience in an organization where the entire leadership team went to annual conferences with multiple opportunities for professional growth is a testament to this. These multiday conferences required the top staff to attend several trainings per day with curriculums designed to bolster particular skill sets with overlapping issues for the whole team. What stood out is that the CEO always attended and always sat at the front of the seminar.

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