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[PODCAST] JAMS neutral Dan Platt, Esq., appeared on an episode of “The Block and Tackle Show" Part 2

In a continuation of his appearance on “The Block and Tackle Show,” hosted by Karl Block, JAMS neutral Dan Platt, Esq., discussed the intricacies of mediation, pulling from his experience in alternative dispute resolution and his extensive background in complex commercial litigation. This episode provides listeners with a nuanced understanding of key topics that include:

  • The mediation process: Exploring how mediations are conducted, the importance of pre-mediation discussions, and the mediator's role in facilitating a resolution by understanding each party's perspective and creatively addressing disputes.
  • The confidentiality of mediation: Emphasizing the high level of confidentiality involved in mediation, ensuring that discussions and documents used cannot be disclosed in court, which encourages open and honest communication between parties.
  • The involvement of third parties: Discussing the inclusion of insurance companies and other third parties in mediation sessions when necessary, and how their presence can be crucial to reaching a settlement.

Learn more from this insightful podcast by watching the full episode here.

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