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Alternative Dispute Resolution Neutral Spotlights & Profiles Through the Lens Series

Through the Lens: Focus on Daniel Garrie

From serial entrepreneur to neutral who gets deals done

Daniel Garrie, Esq., is a distinguished mediator, arbitrator, discovery referee and forensic neutral at JAMS. Mr. Garrie brings a fresh perspective to ADR that is informed by his unique background as a former entrepreneur with a strong foundation in technology.

"As a serial entrepreneur, I saw the value of being able to experience and participate in a mediation process that shortcut the need to litigate and allow me to transact with my colleagues after resolving the dispute."

This combination of experience enables him to understand both the technical and commercial aspects of a dispute, offering a deeper understanding of the stakes involved and the importance of preserving relationships post-resolution.

Get a glimpse into Mr. Garrie’s methodology and ADR experience in this informative video:

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